Cancer Ascendant - Profile and Characteristics of Cancer Rising


Cancer rising denotes an imaginative, fanciful, receptive and tenacious disposition. The fate is bound up with domestic ties, family interests and impressionable attachments, and much will depend upon environment and general surroundings with regard to the pi-ogress that will be made by the native. The native will exhibit a certain amount of timidity, reserve and mistrust, which will give rise to morbid and fanciful conditions, with a liability to go to extremes and become somewhat exacting and over-cautious. The virtues of this sign are economy, receptivity, and tenacity.

This sign gives the native power to experience every kind of sensation, from the lowest physical sensation to the highest feelings of emotion, and all the misfortunes and troubles the native experiences may be traced to this emotional and hyper-sensitive nature.


The second decanate of Cancer rising awakens the psychic and mystical tendencies of the sign Cancer, but also gives a certain amount of control over the sensations. It increases the tenacity of the sign, and denotes determination, love of power, ambition, and less internal receptivity. The fate is influenced by conventional notions, acquisitiveness, and pride.

The third decanate of Cancer rising improves the whole sign and denotes a very hospitable and sympathetic nature. The native will be studious and intuitive, having a keen love of acquiring knowledge. Two distinct types are born under this decanate : the over-anxious, hysterical, and hyper-sensitive ; and the kind, mentally active and useful worker for the good of others.

If the Moon is afflicted at birth the former tendency is shown, with some liability to obsession, but if Jupiter is very strong the latter qualities will predominate.

When the first decanate of Cancer rises the Moon's influence will affect the nativity principally. and also in a lesser degree the fourth. eighth and twelfth houses will specially influence the life.

When the second decanate of Cancer rises the planet Mars and the eighth house must be noted. Malefics in the eighth house will then give a liability to a fatal or tragic end.

When the third decanate of Cancer rises the planet Jupiter must be noted and the twelfth house. If the Moon is much afflicted note carefully the influence of Neptune and the fourth house.