How to Attract and Seduce a Cancer Woman


Cancer women are the most nurturing women in the entire zodiac. Cancer women are maternal and sensitive. They make caring and devoted wives and mothers, even if they do have a tendency to hover and be fussy. Much like the crab that their sun sign is characterized by, the Cancer woman has a hard outer shell. It can be tough to get through this outer layer to the loving and sensitive woman beneath, but if you put in the hard work and have some patience, you'll find that a warmth and level of caring that are quite deep.

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Let's talk about some of the ways that you can endear yourself to the Cancer woman and entice her to let her guard down and let you in.

Be careful what you say

The Cancer woman takes offense easily, and because of her introverted nature, she may not always let you know when you have upset her. Instead she may just shut you out emotionally. She will do this out of a need to protect her own feelings. The Cancer woman is ruled by the moon, which means that she is very emotional. The moon is the ruler of our feelings, and the Cancer woman's feelings can change with the tide. You'll have to tread carefully, at least until she learns to trust you. The Cancer woman is not one to take kindly to light ribbing. She won't see this as affectionate, she'll see it as an attack. Be respectful of her sensitive nature and understand the effect that your words may have on her.

Shower her with praise and affection

You won't need to veil your intentions or remind yourself not to come on too strong. The Cancer woman is the type to be receptive of direct and open expressions of love. If you have taken a fancy to her, there's no harm in letting her know. She may take awhile to let you know how she feels, but by letting her know how much you adore her, you'll give her room to feel safe with you. Lots of compliments will do you well, as the Cancer woman is insecure and tends to think that she is never good enough. The Cancer woman values safety and security. She doesn't want you to keep her guessing. Let her know exactly where she stands. Let her know your intentions. She isn't the type to chase after you or try to win you over. If she doesn't think you're seriously interested, she's likely to shut you out, for fear of being rejected in the long run.

Home, family, and children are what the Cancer woman wants

Cancer women tend to be traditional. They also tend to be homebodies. Even when a Cancer woman does have an exciting and fast-paced career, there is almost always a large part of her that really just wants the simple things in life. Don't waste this lady's time if you aren't prepared to settle down into the quiet and conventional life that she craves. If you are looking for the same things as her, let her know! Over dinner, casually mention that while you enjoy your job, what you really want more than anything is a marriage and children. This will show her that you're the secure kind of man that she can count on. The Cancer woman won't feel safe getting attached to you if she thinks that you're a flighty playboy only out for a good time. She is looking for a man who will be a good provider, an emotionally-supportive husband, and a strong father figure. She wants you to be the man, so that she can be the naturally maternal woman that she is. She is looking for a future that will enable her to cook delicious hearty meals for her many children and fuss over her husband, making sure that he is wearing warm enough socks and keeping his cholesterol in mind when he eats. Sometimes the Cancer woman can come across as a bit critical or harsh, but it's only because she sees it as her responsibility to take care of everyone around her. She is a true caretaker and matriarch.

Figure out what she collects, and then gift her with an addition to her collection

Cancer women love to collect things, whether it is decorative trinkets or more useful items. This is because the Cancer woman values comfort and the home. She wants to make her home as cozy and pleasant as possible. If she invites you over, look around and try to see if there is any particular theme to the dozens of items that she is hoarding. Does she have a shelf full of glass mice? Maybe a hutch filled with snow globes? Whatever it is, make a mental note, and then buy her a figurine or musical snow-scape to add to her accumulation of items. This will appeal to the Cancer woman's sentimental nature. It will also show her just how thoughtful you are, and every time that she passes by your gift, she'll think of you. This will make it much more likely that she'll continue to accept dates with you.

Ask her about her family

The Cancer woman can be a tough nut to crack. She doesn't open up easily. But if you ask a Cancer woman about her family, you're sure to see a tiny crack in that tough exterior of hers. You might even be gifted a shy smile! The Cancer woman is very clannish. She is especially devoted to her family. If you want to get her talking, ask her about her mother, father, aunts, uncles, and siblings. She's sure to tell you all about them in great detail and might even pull out her phone to show you pictures. In turn, you'll also want to tell her a bit about your family. This will show her that the two of you share the same values.