Leo Zodiac Sign Symbol and its Meaning


Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac calendar and is associated with traits like nobility, courage as well as egoism. It includes all those born between 22nd of July to 23rd of August. The word Leo stands for Lion and the glyph for the zodiac represents the mane of the Lion.

In its capacity as the King of the Jungle, the foremost quality of the Lion is its sovereignty. The Lion is believed to rule all other animals with its fearlessness and sheer physical power. Likewise those bearing the sign of the Leo have tremendous potential for leading others. They do this first of all by displaying exemplary courage in all situations; more often than not the person who others fall back upon to lead them out of a crisis or face an emergency situation turns out to be a Leo. Like the regal animal whose symbol they bear, Leo natives are rarely cowed down by opponents, no matter how fierce or powerful the latter may seem.

Yet another source of the leadership qualities of the Leo native lies in his/her deep sense of responsibility. Like the Lion which knows it is his duty to protect its pride from predators, the Leo individual is always willing to assume responsibility, no matter how difficult or intractable the circumstances. In fact the Leo is driven by a deep need to take charge and can feel upset or even rejected if he/she is not given a worthwhile duty or responsibility to carry out. It is another matter that instead of doing the hackwork him/herself, a Leo will enlist the best minds on the job so that in the end the results meet the highest expectations even though he/she may not have sweated it out. It is this combination of a courageous and responsible nature that makes a Leo a natural leader of men and women. A Leo appears to attract followers as naturally as the King of the Jungle whose symbol this zodiac bears.


The flipside of a kingly personality is that the Leo is often arrogant and bossy. Like the Lion which demands complete obedience from the animals it rules in the jungle, the Leo native will typically believe that he/she knows the best and others would do well to listen to them. The Leo has very definite opinions and has never heard of things like putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. This lack of flexibility or ability to see an alternate side of the matter is what makes living with a Leo sometimes trying to the nerves, especially if a partner or co-worker is a person who is equally certain of their own

The Leo is easily identified with a desire to be in the limelight. Like the King of the Jungle which expects other animals to pay court to him, the Leo native loves being the center of attention. He/she is equally at home being a leader of men, the driving force in a boardroom, the toast of the artistic world besides ruling any other social situation. At the same time this trait slide can very easily into vanity and a tendency to show off. Thus like the Lion, the native of this zodiac may be afflicted by a kind of egoism, self-love and an overweening self-confidence.

However the Leo possesses many other regal attributes which naturally draws a circle of friends and followers around them. They are hugely generous and will often indulge a favorite friend or partner with lavish gifts and gestures. They may even gloss over minor mistakes on the part of a follower or subordinate as long as basic loyalty is not in doubt. Like the magnificent animal whose symbol they bear, Leo natives like to live life king-size. They are extravagant in their indulgences and enjoyments and everything seems to be highly colored or dramatic about them. As individuals they are hugely creative, vivacious and charming and this makes them irresistible to members of opposite sex.

Another Leo quality which is implied in the symbolism of Lion is a deep attachment and pride in the family. Just like the lion which is fiercely protective of its pride, the Leo native is inordinately proud of his/her home and which is likely to be sprawling and full of grand paintings or exhibits. This however does not mean that the Leo individual is willing to take over the routine mundane responsibilities of a domestic life. But rather he/she is generous and sentimental about their family to a fault and will rarely deny them any comfort or luxury.