How to Attract and Seduce a Leo Woman


The joyful and delightfully dramatic Leo woman is larger than life. She is a born performer and knows how to keep the crowd entertained. She is full of bombastic energy and has a commanding presence. She is usually the leader in any given group, whether that group be comprised of men or women. People tend to let her take charge because she's just so darn good at holding the reigns.

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When it comes to matters of love, however, she needs a strong and assertive man, who isn't intimidated by her tendency to play the king pin. If you've set your eyes on this royal feline of the sun sign family, you'll want to appreciate her bossy and theatrical ways, without letting her run all over you. Let's talk about some of the ways that you can tackle that task.

Learn to share the throne

A lot of men want to be king in their relationship, but the Leo woman is not the type to play the submissive female. If you want a woman who dotes and waits on you, lingering in the background while you play the hero, you've come to the wrong place. The spotlight is where the Leo woman belongs, and she was born with the throne awaiting her. Still, she can't respect a man who is afraid to stand up to her. She doesn't want to be the man in the relationship. She doesn't want to take full control. Rather, she wants to share that role with you, much like a king and queen seated side by side. As long as you aren't too domineering, she'll acquiesce and let you take charge on some matters, as long as you're just as generous and allow her to take charge on others. Old-fashioned men who believe women should remain in the kitchen, will be rejected by the Leo woman. She is an independent woman and if anyone roars, it is surely her. She'll want to have a fast-paced career, most likely a creative one, or one that allows her to lead other people. She wants a man who is just as ambitious and driven as her. She'll support you in your endeavors, as long as you support hers.

Give her lots of flattery and attention

The Leo woman enjoys being flattered. She can be pompous, proud, and a bit of a show-off. She loves to have all eyes on her. Give her the attention and adoration that she naturally craves, and you're sure to endear yourself to this warm and generous woman. When it comes to love, the Leo woman gives just as well as she receives, and you can expect to have plenty of praise and affection heaped on you as well.

Be sincere. Be someone that she can trust

The Leo woman wears her heart out in the open. She is very direct and you will always know where you stand with her. Because she is so open and sincere, she expects others to behave the same. She is very trusting, to point of being naive and child-like. Don't try to take advantage of this trust. Don't try to trick or manipulate her. Her determined and strong-willed nature means that she can hold a grudge. Besides, why would you want to use underhanded methods to win her, when the Leo woman makes it so simple for you to be upfront? You'll never have to worry about the Leo woman playing games or hiding her intentions. It's only good form to reciprocate this honesty and respect.

Figure out what her pet-peeves are

The Leo woman can be incredibly impatient and easily annoyed. This is really just a symptom of her passionate and opinionated nature, and the plus side of this is that you'll never have to worry about her letting resentment or bitterness fester. She's more likely to tell you she's annoyed right away, but then quickly move on.

If you do happen to irritate her, the Leo woman is very forgiving and benevolent, especially if you offer her a genuine apology. The Leo woman appreciates it when people say what they mean and don't hide their feelings. If you realize you've annoyed her and you're sorry, just say so! It will do wonders to warm her heart, and she'll be left feeling very fond of you indeed.

Take her out on glamorous and luxurious dates

True to her sign's royal nature, the Leo woman loves to be pampered. You could take her out to a five-star restaurant or to a plush cocktail lounge. You could also try taking her to a Broadway show or a critically-acclaimed film festival. The Leo woman is very sophisticated. This can be seen by those who don't understand her as snobbish, but for those who appreciate the Leo woman's character, they know she is worldly, intelligent, and cultured. You'll have to pull out all the stops for this regal and fun-loving lady.

Be ready for some lazy nights in as well

The Leo woman experiences ebbs and flows in energy, much like the sun that is her sign's ruling planet, as it sets and rises with each daily cycle. One night she'll want to dress up in her best cocktail dress, put on a pair of sparkly boots, and dance the night away with you at the hottest new club in town. Once the club closes, she still may not be ready to call it a night, and you could find yourself going for drinks after, and maybe even breakfast, eventually, if she's truly in one of her enthusiastic upswings of energy. She'll be full of laughter, excitement, and vitality. Then two days later, much like the feline that characterizes her sun sign, she'll curl up into a cozy ball of laziness, content to stay in her pajamas and cuddle with you all day, while the two of you binge watch shows on Netflix. She'll wear you out some days, but she has just as many lazy days when she's content to do nothing at all.