Mercury in the Second House


Mercury denotes gain by writing, speaking, travelling, clerks, agencies, commissions, discounts, dividends, interest, and paper money generally. It is good for success in all commercial undertakings ; scientific pursuits ; trading ; publishing ; advertising ; distributing ; and circulating ; also occupations in which special skill or training is required ; examinations, teaching. It relates to brothers, sisters, cousins, and to some extent servants. Mercury in good aspect to the Moon denotes gain through the general public, learning and quick perception, ability and capacity. It brings opportunity, and the necessary application to take advantage of circumstances. Mercury in good aspect to Venus: gain through refinement and good taste. In good aspect to Mars : gain through industry, skill and ingenuity. In good aspect to Jupiter : through sound judgment, intuition, and moral principle. In good aspect with Saturn : gain through tact and diplomacy, caution and perseverance, and the power of profound thought. In good aspect with Uranus : through inventiveness, originality and speculation, or unusual enterprise.