Neptune Aspects Saturn - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square


Neptune Aspects Saturn – Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In good aspect the influence is not unlike that of Uranus just mentioned, especially if Uranus is the more elevated of the two. It is good generally for occupation, worldly standing, preserves the goodwill of acquaintances and the public, and wards off enemies. It increases concentration, intuition, depth and clearness of thought. Benefits those who follow psychic or unusual occupations, also those connected with the water; sensitives, psychics, etc., may meet with considerable success not only in developing their gifts but also in utilising them practically. It inclines somewhat to the company of serious or elderly people, and benefits through them. It controls and sobers the instincts and passions, such as drink, sex, etc. It seems probable that it may favour money, property, investments, shares, legacies.

In bad aspect, the above indications will be more or less reversed, and trouble or danger may attend any of these matters, generally acting through the signs and houses occupied by the two planets. Disrepute, ill-favour, scandal, are to be feared.