Neptune in the Sixth House


Neptune in the sixth house is very unfavourable for health, denoting atrophy, incurable diseases, and strange complaints that are inherited. If much afflicted it denotes serious ill-health through debauchery and evil habits, especially if afflicting Venus or Mars. It is not good for work and often brings enforced idleness or a chronic state of inertia. It inclines to mediumistic tendencies and is favourable for psychic phenomena, but there is always a danger of serious reaction resulting from this position. It is not good for dealing with inferiors and denotes hatred, or intense dislike from servants or inferiors. If well aspected the influence of Neptune may be improved but it is not a good position for this strange planet, and seems to produce very curious and peculiar disorders which in most cases seem to result from astral causes ; that is, due to evil influences or negative conditions affecting the native directly from the astral plane.