Pisces Ascendant - Profile and Characteristics of Pisces Rising


Pisces rising denotes a restless, anxious, impressionable, and mediumistic disposition. The fate is rarely under the native's control, some impelling force behind the native seeming to push him on toward good or ill unconsciously. He has dual experiences of extreme nature, and is often torn between two different emotions. He is kind and just, but tends to encourage the romantic and sentimental side of his nature, and rarely understands himself or the emotions that play through him from time to time. He is easily psychologised, and suffers from varying moods, being receptive to the mental atmosphere around him. He is inclined to be secretive, is very receptive and at times inspired.


The second decanate of Pisces rising awakens all the latent sensitiveness of the sign Pisces and gives the keenest internal aspirations to become a channel through which the good forces may flow. It lessens the methodical tendency of Pisces, but increases the inclination towards economy and usefulness, giving more persistency and ability to utilise the virtues of Pisces without passing through all its vices. This decanate strengthens the whole sign, and gives more ambition, with the internal power necessary to rise through merit and adaptability.
The third decanate of Pisces rising gives a liability to encourage the weaker side of the sign, in which selfishness, jealousy, conventionality, and the material side of life are cultivated. If the horoscope is favourable there is a possibility of the personal element being modified, but if the horoscope is weak the pride of personal qualifications is apt to carry the native beyond the limits of fear for consequences, and tends to make the Pisces nature hard and unfeeling. The psychic tendencies of this decanate are unhealthy and difficult to understand.

When the first decanate of Pisces ascends note the position of Jupiter and planets near the ascendant, also the ninth house.

When the second decanate of Pisces ascends pay special attention to the Moon's place and aspects, also note the position of Neptune ; if this planet is angular it will have some influence over the life. Also the fourth house.

When the third decanate of Pisces ascends note carefully the position of Mars ; if this planet afflicts Jupiter the native will suffer great temptation and may wreck his life by his conduct. Note carefully the condition of the eighth house.

The signs CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS and PISCES comprise the Serving Trinity.