How to Attract and Seduce a Pisces Woman


The Pisces woman is a creative and compassionate dreamer. She is very sensitive to the emotions of people around her, and she will always put the needs of others above her own. She is selfless, empathetic, imaginative, and kind. It's easy to see how a Pisces gal could capture a man's heart. You'll need to tread gently with this fragile female, but if you can handle her with tenderness and understanding, you'll stand a much greater chance of being gifted her heart.

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Get in touch with your sensitive side

The Pisces woman is very in touch with her emotions. She is ruled by the moon, just like the Cancer woman, and so she feels everything deeply. It can be far too easy to hurt her feelings without meaning to. Never be careless with your words, or you may not get another chance with this ethereal and otherworldly female.

Rekindle your inner child

The Pisces woman is always dreaming. She lives in a fantasy world of her own making. The Pisces woman has an active imagination. She can be creative to the point of being an escapist. Show her that you admire this aspect of her personality and be willing to join her in her make-believe dreams every now and again, though for this relationship to be truly successful the Pisces woman could probably use a man who is a bit more pragmatic and sensible than her. Two dreamers can have a lot of fun together, but there won't be anyone around to pull their heads out of the clouds. A Pisces woman could be balanced out well by an earth sign. If you're a fellow water sign, or worse yet, a fellow Pisces, don't give up hope. You'll have to remind each other to pay attention to the real world every now and again, but the one thing that you won't lack for is harmony. Those with the Pisces sign are understanding and considerate, and two considerate partners could make for a very peaceful and loving partnership.

Be masculine, stand up for her, and let her know she is safe

Some of the more assertive sun signs might be offended by good old-fashioned chivalry. This is not the case for the Pisces woman. She is easily frightened and overwhelmed. It's all a part of her sensitive nature. If anyone talks down to her, be the first to step in and defend her. She'll probably be too meek to defend herself. Open doors for her and be the one who does the driving when you go out for dates. You won't have to hide your masculinity with her. The Pisces woman usually appreciates the certainty of gender roles, and she is perfectly content playing the feminine part. Just so long as you don't mind squashing spiders and doing the heavy lifting.

Be patient of her scatterbrained ways

The Pisces woman's propensity for imagining and dreaming can cause her to be a bit nebulous and muddle-headed. Her memory might be cloudy and she can be easily flustered and confused. Don't be too critical of her if she forgets that the two of you had a date, or if she shows up to the wrong restaurant. The Pisces woman is far too considerate to have done it on purpose. Don't make the mistake of thinking you can lecture her into being more conscientious and responsible. The ever-empathetic Pisces woman will listen to your qualms with an open heart. She can be quite malleable and changeable, but being to harsh will only hurt her feelings and make her feel badly about herself. She is like a sponge taking in the feelings of everyone around her. It's a constant state of osmosis and oneness with her. For this reason, you should take the time to cool off before you talk to her when you're upset.

Give her time to herself when she needs it

The Pisces woman is soulful and reflective. She feels a deep connection not to only to emotions, but to the energies of the natural world, and the universe over all. At the very least, even if you don't believe in mysticism or mediums, she thinks that she feels this connection, and you'd do best not to scoff at her. You also shouldn't try to disrupt her when she needs time to be alone with herself, to experience and feel. She needs time to be introspective, and she needs time to dream. If you show her that you're the kind of man who can protect her when she feels insecure, but also stand back when she needs to be alone, you'll do wonders to endear yourself to her.

Be the one to help her come out of her shell

The Pisces woman can sometimes be timid and shy. She may keep to herself at first. Try asking her open-ended questions about herself, as a way to get her to open up. Whatever her answers, be welcoming and warm in all of your responses. Show her that you are someone she can share her true self with. Let her know, early on in your courtship, that judgment and criticism are not something that she'll ever have to fear from you. The Pisces woman will be most comfortable with a man who is just as openhearted as she is. The Pisces woman will give unconditional love, but you'll need to give her the same in return.