Pluto rules nuclear scientists, aeronauts, and spacemen generally, TV engineers and technicians, weather forecasters, archaeologists, all those who work in underground and subterranean spheres.


Pluto rules extremes. It can give the odour of the skunk and the perfume of the lily.

Mars rules over hot acids, pungent odours and burning astringents.

Sun is sweet and pungent.

Saturn is cold, astringent, and sour.

Venus: sweet and warm.

Moon: insipid and odourless.

Jupiter: sweet and fragrant.

Neptune: sweet, subtle, and seductive.

Mercury: mildly astringent and cold.

Uranus: cold, astringent, and brackish.

Planetary forms of the various planets are as below:

Pluto gives squarish type of features and body, but pliable with capacity for contortion.

Saturn gives hard, clear-cut outlines, straight short lines, and cramped forms.

Jupiter gives full, generous curves.

Mars: sharp angles and barbs, and pointed, fine, straight lines.

Sun: regular circles, full curves, and helical saran.

Venus: curved lines and rhythmic scrolls.

Mercury: short incisive lines and slender curves.

The Specific Natures of the different planets are as follows:—

Pluto is changeful according to mood and desire. Forceful, hard, selfish and destructive yet can also express initiative, self- sacrifice, willing to take risks in service of others.

Neptune is nervous, susceptible, aesthetic, neurotic, inconstant, warm, moist, and fruitful.

Uranus is variable, spasmodic, impulsive, eccentric, cold, and barren.

Saturn is nervous, secretive, defensive, binding, constant, cold, dry, hard, and barren.

A planet is called the ‘Significator’ of a person when holding the ascendant or other important position in the horoscope. The general signification of a planet may be applied to the person under its influence. In a general sense the Sun and Moon are called ‘Significators’ but every planet is such in a particular sense, as our studies will show. Thus, when chief significator,

Planetary colors signified by the various planets are as below:

The metals ruled by the various planets are as below:

Pluto governs plutonium.
Neptune governs geranium and strontium.
Uranus governs uranium.
Saturn governs lead.
Jupiter governs tin.
Mars governs iron.
Sun governs gold.
Venus governs copper.
Mercury governs quicksilver.
Moon governs silver.

The atomic weights of the different. metals ruled over by the planets bear a curious relationship to the order of the planets and the days of the week. Thus:

Pluto governs that part of the head where the ‘opening’ in a child is situated, together with the umbilical cord and the nerve centres that connect the solar plexus with the sacral plexus and the top of the spinal column with the pineal gland.

Neptune governs the telepathic and psychometric functions, the psycho-physical processes which induce to intuitive perception, etc.

Uranus governs the magnetic and physical aura, and the nerve fluids.

Saturn rules over bones and articulations, liver, spleen, left ear, the calves and knees; the secretive system generally.

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