Planets as Significators


A planet is called the ‘Significator’ of a person when holding the ascendant or other important position in the horoscope. The general signification of a planet may be applied to the person under its influence. In a general sense the Sun and Moon are called ‘Significators’ but every planet is such in a particular sense, as our studies will show. Thus, when chief significator,

Pluto indicates an experiencing of extremes of good and bad. It will give the inspiration aiding the arresting of failing conditions of both a private and business nature, the turning of what seem to be lost causes into successful projects.

On the other hand there will be times in the life when objectives will seem to recede just when the point of realisation appears imminent, plans will be frustrated and brought to nought.

Neptune denotes many changes; uncertain fortunes; rise or fall by the influence of women; artistic faculty; secrets in the life; intrigues and covert alliances. It renders the native, or person born under its influence, aesthetic, artistic, intuitive, unstable, sensitive, mystical, imitative, highly emotional, self-deceptive, and enthusiastic.

Uranus gives constructive and mechanical ability, sudden changes, estrangements, sorrows, exiles, enmities, uncertain fortunes, and blind impulses. It makes its subject erratic, eccentric, impulsive, ingenious, and inventive, firm in opinion, critical, sarcastic, self-centred, romantic, heroic, and in many ways peculiar.

Saturn gives delays, impediments, defects, secrets, fatalities, falls from position, misfortunes, melancholy moods, chronic hurts, sorrows, disease, and hurts to women and children, It makes the native independent, unhappy, secretive, cautious, jealous, miserly, and governed by habit.

Jupiter confers fortune, happiness, plenty, success, honours, friends protection, supremacy, and productiveness. It renders the subject jovial, generous, prudent, courtly ambitious, sympathetic, and humane.

Mars gives enmities, strifes, wounds by fire and steel, treasons calumnies, thefts, sudden deaths, glory in baffle, burnings and poisonings, enthusiasm and madness, sharp pains and fevers. It makes the native fearless, brave, easy to anger, demonstrative, impulsive, cynical, expert, witty, independent, given to reforms, and often to destructions.

Sun gives honours, glory, elevation, high patronage, celebrity, public offices, health, and power.It renders its subjects honest, free, generous, noble, desirous of glory, clever in the arts, judicious, truthful, and of wise counsel.

Venus gives love affairs, attachments, amours, marriage, joy, pleasures, gaiety, favours of women, success, and wealth. It makes the native gentle, cultured, hopeful, bright, pleasant in manner, loving, poetical, and inclined to sensuous and mental beauty, the fine arts, etc.

Mercury gives relations in family and commerce, industries, journeys, letters, messages, anxieties, worries, many occupations and mental activity. It inclines to writing and oratory, to the study of science, intellectual conquests; makes the native wary, subtle, talkative, busy, and restless.

Moon gives changes, voyages, travelling, affections of the body according to the sign it is in, mysteries, romances, fancies, popularity, public life. It makes the subject inconstant, capricious, fanciful, unsettled ; capable of securing public honours, but in danger of reversals.