Uranus in the seventh house denotes romantic attachments, hasty and impulsive engagements. It also denotes the possibility of marriage to a genius, or to an original character. This influence may be very good or very evil according to the horoscope. There is an element of uncertainty about this position and the unexpected usually happens to those who have this influence operating at birth. To them romantic love is always the spice of life, and they often end by marrying the last person they thought they would marry.

Uranus in the tenth house denotes a chequered career, fortune and misfortune alternately. If Uranus is free from affliction the native becomes a unique character, and invents or originates a new line of activity for himself, breaking away from limited and conventional customs. This position denotes a curious life of ups and downs with many important changes of environment. If much afflicted the native is singularly unfortunate, and must make up his mind to be content to be a 'failure' in life.

Uranus in the third house denotes an inventive, ingenious, and curious mind ; given to study mystical and metaphysical subjects ; unconventional and very liberal mental tendencies ; fond of abstruse and profound studies. In a weak horoscope this position denotes bohemian tastes, wild and erratic schemes and projects formulated by the brain, and unaccountable and strange mental attitudes. In a progressive horoscope it widens the mental vision and broadens the intellectual view of life.

Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius. It was originally named Herschel after the astronomer, William Herschel, who is credited with discovering this planet in 1781. Uranus orbits the Sun and completes one rotational cycle in 84 years. Uranus signifies people who are non-conformists and rebels. Modern day astrologers see Uranus as the significator of new discoveries, sudden events, explosions and disruptions. It signifies super-computers, space travel and aviation. Uranus represents breaking away from old ideas and traditions.

Uranus rising always causes the native to be somewhat original or eccentric, and quite different from the everyday type. It gives a keen interest in all things occult, curious, profound, or metaphysical. To the most advanced of humanity it gives genius and the power to see ahead mentally farther than the ordinary individual. Those who cannot respond to the higher vibrations of this planet are very independent, and usually rather abrupt, as it acts directly upon the nervous system, and so stirs into great activity the personal magnetism.

Uranus in the fourth house denotes sudden and tragic or exceptional experiences at the end of life. It is not a good position for Uranus, and nothing definite can be predicted with regard to the close of life, for reversals and sudden changes are shown. To those who seek to lead the occult life denotes isolation or expansion of consciousness upon higher planes, but only where the horoscope shows occultism or mysticism can this be judged.

Uranus in the ninth house depends entirely upon the composite horoscope, i.e., the horoscope as a whole. In some nativities it will denote inventive genius or intense love of metaphysical studies, and a keen delight in all occult subjects ; in other nativities it will give an aversion to all that relates to metaphysics. There can be no worse Position for Uranus when in opposition, square or conjunction with the planet Mars. If the luminaries afflict it will give a very eccentric and peculiar mind, much trouble through travel, law and occult arts.

Uranus denotes gain through antiquities ; old and curious objects; through unique employments of a purely mental character, especially those occupations in which the occult and mystical side of things are the main feature. It is the planet which brings gain through astrology, clairvoyance, mysticism and the occult generally. Writers of extraordinary fiction in which the imagination is of an exalted kind , organists or musicians who have a touch of genius in their composition come under Uranian influence ; also high-class mechanics, inventors, originators and composers.

Uranus in the eleventh house denotes peculiar and remarkable friendships ; the native will meet with those who will either benefit or injure him considerably. Sudden and unusual attachments will be formed, and also sudden and unexpected estrangements. Much will depend upon the aspects formed by Uranus, also the general planetary positions. Uranus will benefit the native if he is able to respond to its vibrations, for this planet has more affinity with the eleventh house than with any other of the twelve.

Uranus in the fifth house causes strange and peculiar experiences in connection with the feelings and emotions, romantic love affairs, and unconventional ideas with regard to sex union. This position favours free love, and gives a tendency to ignore the legal tie, and act from an independent motive. It is not good as regards children and shows separation from offspring and much anxiety through them. If afflicted many domestic troubles are shown, and some inconstancy and intrigue or liaison denoted.


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