The Chinese sign of the Dog typifies several traits found in the counterpart from the animal world besides also possessing other characteristics which enhance the worth of the personality. However most of these qualities are tempered in a unique way by the element Metal which further increases the complexity of the sign.

In Chinese astrological system, Dog is typified by several traits found in the actual animal. And yet apart from being loyal and sincere, this type possesses many other characteristics which increase the complexity and enhance the worth of the personality.

Most astrological systems believe that a sign is refined by the element associated with it. Among the elements, Water is supposed to bring about flexibility and a better flow of communication – traits which have significant bearing when associated with a sign like the Dog.

In Chinese astrology, the sign of the Dog is associated with loyalty and honesty – traits which are further deepened by the element Earth. At the same time this element also brings in some new qualities which serve to increase both the worth and complexity of the sign.

Fire is an astrological element that is known to infuse drive and energy in a zodiac sign. When allied with a personality as the Dog, the result is a heightening of certain traits as well as modifying of others, all of which can go to make a highly charismatic and successful individual.

The Wood Dog brings a deeper level of understanding and co-operation to his/her social life as compared to others in the kennel. He/she is capable of getting along with a wide variety of people and is basically kind and sympathetic towards others. In fact having a strong network of friends is quite important to the Wood Dog since it makes him/her feel confident and secure. So even if this Dog may seem shy at first and content to watch others from a distance, he/she will eventually move ahead and make friends.

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