The Wood Dog in Chinese Astrology


The Wood Dog brings a deeper level of understanding and co-operation to his/her social life as compared to others in the kennel. He/she is capable of getting along with a wide variety of people and is basically kind and sympathetic towards others. In fact having a strong network of friends is quite important to the Wood Dog since it makes him/her feel confident and secure. So even if this Dog may seem shy at first and content to watch others from a distance, he/she will eventually move ahead and make friends. Once this sign decides to trust someone, that person can be assured of having a loyal and trustworthy companion for life.

The most noteworthy trait of the Dog is their righteous natures. Born with an innate sense of decency and a need for equilibrium in a chaotic world, Dogs strongly denounce injustice and wrongdoing. In fact the Dog is one of the most ardent champions of the downtrodden in the entire zodiac and can be found among the ranks of leaders, educators, reformers and ministers of religion. In the Wood Dog, this bent for idealism is further deepened and it is not unusual to find this sign deeply committed to humanitarian causes. In fact so strong is this feeling of service that the Wood Dog is quite capable of sacrificing personal dreams and ambitions for the larger humanity.

This in turn points towards an important trait of the Wood Dog –  a lack of concern with material success. As it is the Dog personality is not so much interested in accumulating money and luxuries – it is more important to him/her to lead a righteous and meaningful life than own houses in different cities or splurge at the casinos of the world. However when allied with the innate compassion of the Wood element, this trait is further deepened with the result that this Dog is the least ambitious of its pack. He/she is content with a few comfortable clothes, decent healthy food and a fairly plain household. Since there is no attraction towards luxury, Wood Dogs do not even miss being successful in the worldly sense.

However for all his/her non-materialistic nature, the Wood Dog can be prone to bouts of nervous tension. There is a marked streak of anxiety in this sign which often cracks under too much pressure. In fact the Wood Dog even displays this nervy quality even in the way he/she converses and thus can get quite chatty or incoherent at times. The Wood Dog needs to ensure that he/she gets enough rest and does not take on more than he/she can comfortably handle. When taken to an extreme, this tendency to anxiety can give way to a debilitating pessimism in life.

In personal relationships, the most important need of the Wood Dog is emotional and physical security. This is in keeping with the basic Dog nature which needs to be reassured often of the love and loyalty of a partner. In case of the Wood Dog, there is an added requirement of familiar and safe surroundings since frequent changes and unpredictability can upset the emotional equilibrium of this Dog. This is another reason is why relationships need to feel cozy and settled to the Wood Dog. In return this Dog makes a very faithful and dependable companion – one who will go to any lengths to keep a partner safe and happy.