The Water Dog in Chinese Astrology


Most astrological systems believe that a sign is refined by the element associated with it. Among the elements, Water is supposed to bring about flexibility and a better flow of communication – traits which have significant bearing when associated with a sign like the Dog.

Since Water is marked by fluidity, when allied with the sign of the Dog, it helps to dilute many of the fixed traits of the personality. While the Dog is known to be honest and righteous, this strict adherence to values also tends to make him/her opinionated and inflexible. When taken to an extreme, the Dog succumbs to a deeply pessimistic mood and turns out to be bitter and cynical. It is here that Water brings its moderating influence, encouraging the Dog to be more flexible in his/her approach to life. The Water Dog is thus far more accepting of human failings as compared to others of the pack. He/she is able to see things from other perspectives and even understands that it is quite impossible for many other signs to live up to the high moral standards that he/she naturally follows. Not only this, the Water Dog is more adaptable in his/her own life too, negotiating its twists and turns with greater flexibility and equanimity. While for the metal or earth Dog, a major change in the familiar routine would usher in anxiety and nervous tension, the Water Dog is more capable of taking in his/her stride last-minute changes in plans.


Another thing about the Water Dog is that he/she is a natural charmer. In general, the Dog is a very likable person when happy and carefree – he/she is witty, fun to be with and capable of forming very close relationships. This sociability flows even stronger in case of the Water Dog far more capable of getting along with a wide variety of people but is especially fond of the company of witty and interesting personalities. Kind, sympathetic and utterly charming, the Water Dog has the widest social circle among the Dogs of all elements. Another way the influence of Water works to heighten this Dog’s popularity is by amplifying his/her communication skills. The Water Dog is highly diplomatic in nature and has none of the bitter honesty that can make the metal or fire Dog a tad unpopular. He/she is unfailingly charming to others in a social situation and at times may even have a tendency to gush about. Yet for all their appealing nature, Water Dogs remain true to the code of honesty and will never be insincere or manipulative in their interactions with others.

For all their social charm though, Water Dogs find it difficult to negotiate the realm of personal relationships. The fact is that this Dog tends to wear his/her heart on the sleeve as a result of which he/she gets tangled in more relationships than is possible for him/her to manage. The flowing Water element brings about a similar fluidity in emotions because of which this Dog finds it difficult to be committed to a single partner for any length of time. And yet the Water Dog is never willingly deceitful or hurtful to anyone – their basic Dog nature would not let them be so – it is just that they find it easier to spread themselves out over a great expanse of fellow-feeling and affability.