The Fire Dog in Chinese Astrology


Fire is an astrological element that is known to infuse drive and energy in a zodiac sign. When allied with a personality as the Dog, the result is a heightening of certain traits as well as modifying of others, all of which can go to make a highly charismatic and successful individual.

Fire lends the Dog sign a high degree of dynamism because of which he/she is able to seize significant opportunities in life and even find ways to create them, when none is naturally forthcoming. This trait is quite unique among Dogs who for all their courage and honesty are not very good at taking initiative, whether out of a lack of worldly ambition or a deeply-ingrained idealism. The Fire Dog on the other hand is quick to spot opportunities and even though they would still not take recourse to deceitful means, they do not see any contradiction in living an honest and active life.


Along with possessing drive and energy, the Fire Dog also has vast reserves of courage. He/she is the last to back away from a situation just because it is strange or the odds are stacked against him/her. As it is the Dog is a sign that is inherently fearless in nature but whereas in other signs there may be degree of circumspection, the Fire Dog is only too eager to take up a challenge, no matter how impossible it may seem. What’s more the courage of the Fire Dog is far more than physical in nature. Even though he/she will ensure that their loved ones are physically safe from harm, the Fire Dog is also fearless enough to champion the cause of the forgotten and downtrodden. There are many causes in the world which are too complex to offer easy solutions and thus could demoralize even sincerely helpful people. However the Fire Dog is not one to be scared away so easily and he/she will do their best to work for and support such causes. It is because of this combination of courage, dynamism and lofty ideals that Fire Dogs make some of the best leaders of the world. They are naturally equipped to lead people and espouse the cause of justice and righteousness.

On the flipside though, Fire makes the Dog rather impulsive in nature. Thus this sign can be prone to taking risks, whether in work or in relationships even though such is their capacity for hard work that they can often make good whatever losses they might suffer.

Another unique trait of the Fire Dog is that he/she looks forward to change and is more adventurous. Although in general, Dog people do not enjoy straying far from home into the strange and unfamiliar, this Dog has a spirit of adventure and loves to travel. under the influence of Fire, They like to experience new things and see faraway places which is why they are not as prone to settling down early in life as other Dogs.

One of the many positive traits brought about by the Fire element is that it reduces some of the penchant for pessimism in the Dog sign. Since the Dog is so idealistic him/herself, he/she expects others to follow the same code of ethics. And when he/she realizes that the world works quite differently, he/she can become quickly demoralized and give way to cynicism. However the element Fire turns the focus of convictions outwards so that instead of being too hard on him/herself, the Dog can channel all their energy and intelligence in larger causes.

In personal relationships the Fire Dog turns out to be very attractive to members of the opposite sex. The Fire element lends him/her a high degree of personal magnetism and sex appeal which is why they can make very passionate lovers. Add to this their natural protective instincts and a Fire Dog can make for a highly fulfilling relationship – that is when he/she finally decides to settle down.