The Wood Dragon in Chinese Astrology


In Chinese astrology, Wood is believed to be an element which promotes fellow-feeling and generosity in a sign. This is good thing in the Dragon who can be sometimes trapped in the high tower of his/her own ego. At the same time Wood also enhances many of the positive traits of the Dragon like his/her essentially noble and ethical nature.

One of the best influences of Wood on a sign like the Dragon is to bring about a greater openness in their psychological makeup. While there is no doubt about the intelligence and ethical basis of the Dragon personality, at times their assertiveness smacks of arrogance. Their huge ego makes unable to see things from other people’s point of view, no matter how genuine they may be. One of the faults of the Dragon is to think that their way is the only way. However when allied with an element like Wood, the Dragon has the capacity to adopt a more liberal approach. This Dragon is better able to view problems, options and the world at large from multiple perspectives which in the end not only makes him/her more socially popular but also more successful in his/her endeavors.


Then again one of the more typical traits of the Wood is to grant a more contemplative aspect to a sign and this is of particular benefit to the Dragon who can at times be driven to reckless course of action simply on the strength of his/her confidence. The influence of Wood on the other hand allows the Dragon to think more clearly so that any plan that is put into action will tend to be the result of long and serious contemplation of all possible consequences. This is not to imply that the element Wood turns the Dragon into a passive or even timid character – that is hardly possible for a dynamic sign as the Dragon. Rather the presence of Wood grants a more practical approach to the Dragon’s inherent courageous and enterprising nature - since this Dragon’s actions are backed by thought and reason, there is also a greater chance of success. Thus though the Wood Dragon may not have the sheer force of the metal or fire Dragon personality, in the end his/her efforts are more likely to be crowned with achievements and avoid the risks that attend this sign’s life all too often.

Yet another trait of the Wood Dragon is a deeply humanitarian nature. Anyone born in the Year of the Dragon is believed to be motivated by an essential nobility in all that they do and think; these people are usually highly ethical and find it beneath them to take recourse to trickery and manipulation to attain their goals. In the Wood Dragon this inborn nobility is turned outwards to the larger humanity so that this Dragon is perhaps the kindest and most helpful of its kin. The Wood Dragon is most likely to put him/herself out for those people who are less fortunate or suffering from some serious injustice.

Finally the more open and understanding nature of the Wood Dragon also makes him/her more family-oriented in nature. Unlike a tendency to lord it over his/her dependents, this Dragon is full of a homely charm and has a more giving relationship with his/her family members and loved ones.