The Goat Zodiac Sign in Chinese Astrology


The Goat is one of those types in Chinese astrology which share a mix of similarities and differences with its animal counterpart. Like the actual creature, the human Goat can be shy and insecure but unlike the former, the latter can be cultured and well-groomed. It is a largely neutral type and susceptible to the influence of the ruling element far more than other signs in Chinese astrology.

One of the first things noticeable about the Goat is their shy nature. They are uncomfortable mingling with a lot of people or meeting new people on a regular basis. They have a natural reserve and like to keep their deepest thoughts and feelings to themselves. The Goat will allow very few people into their inner world and indeed a colleague or neighbor could be working or living with the Goat for several years and yet be unaware of several aspects of his/her personality. Both the male and female Goat can be difficult to know fully not so much because they dislike mingling with fellow humans but because their inherent reserve acts an armor to protect their sensitive natures.


And yet despite being rather private individuals, Goats are not really unsocial. Far from it, in fact since the Goat can be utterly charming and a pleasant person to know in a social situation. They are almost unfailingly polite and well-versed with the behavioral niceties that social situations demand. And yet this sociability is restricted to a superficial level since as soon as the formal introductions have been made and a little chit-chat has been indulged in, the Goat will at best turn over the conversation to the other person or in extreme situation, make a polite excuse and retire to the background.

However despite being something of the  shy violet, the Goat is by no means an ascetic. This personality takes great delight in pampering all the senses – thus the Goat is an avid lover of the good things of life like delicious food, fine wines and nice dresses. In fact if resources are not a problem, the Goat can even spend a small fortune in tailored dresses and personal adornments. This traits owes not so much to a sense of vanity or love of spending but actually an inherent trait in the Goat to arrange things prettily. This personality has a natural flair for making things look good – something that extends to even people around him/her. The Goat is not above a little emotional manipulation though not to serve his/her own ends but rather as a way of helping the person in question!

In most cases though, the sensualist in the Goat is far more evolved and their appreciation extends to the fine arts as well as higher cultural pursuits. The ranks of artists, musicians, singers and dancers usually have more than a few Goats in their ranks and a sensitive nature coupled with an inherent creativity make them both experts in producing as well appreciating things of art.

Other professional areas where the Goat is likely to be a professional success are those that require attention to detail and careful scrutiny. Thus interior design, window dressing and jobs in the nature of personal assistant and secretary are ideal for this personality type. Female Goats have a strong nurturing instinct and can be found to do very well in areas like healthcare, childcare, education, catering and hospitality too. Because of the strong attraction to domestic or home-based activities, Goats especially female ones are happiest when working out of home, self-employed with a home office or working near their nest. On the whole though the Goat is a remarkably adaptable and versatile worker. Also he/she is generally content working in the shadows and does not crave the spotlight; most importantly the Goat does not mind taking orders or working under supervision. For all these reasons the Goat can be found in a variety of professions where their eye for beauty and detail are appreciated and valued.

Sometimes though the Goat can turn out to be a perfectionist who is not happy with the way subordinates or co-workers do a job. This trait coupled with an exceedingly sensitive nature that cannot handle criticism can make the Goat a difficult employee. However such conditions are by and large rather infrequent and the Goat can on the whole adapt him/herself to a wide variety of circumstances.

In matters of health, the Goat is not so much prone to physical ailments as mental conditions. The Goat is a worrier and this could build up nervous tension till it erupts in physical conditions like gastric problems as well as general debility. Overall the Goat needs to be grounded in secure relationships and a safe physical context in order to live happily and peacefully.

All the above social, professional and health traits of the Goat point to a single overriding characteristic – his/her emotional sensitivity. Not only is the Goat emotional him/herself, but is gentle and highly sensitive to the wishes and needs of people close to them. Since emotions play a strong role in personal relationships of the Goat, they can be easily hurt by insensitive remarks and are generally more vulnerable to criticism than others. This is a person who is likely to be upset over minor things and withdraw into a shell.

The overriding need of the Goat in personal relationships is that of emotional security. They are at their happiest when they know that they are loved and cared for and do not have even the slightest doubt of the commitment of their partners and spouses. When safe in the feeling of emotional security, the Goat is at their most loving and giving. Indeed, the Goat possesses a keen sexual desire that often comes as a surprise to partners who may have been taken by their shy retiring natures. This is another aspect of the Goat’s deeply sensual natures. The Goat can make highly caring, if somewhat overprotective parents - female goats have a tendency to mother their loved ones and make devoted mothers. Male goats will equally take care of the home and hearth and be very protective of his family.