The Earth Goat in Chinese Astrology


The element Earth is associated with stability and practicality in a zodiac sign. These are important influences when allied with a sign like Goat who despite an appearance of outer calm can be given to emotional ups and downs. At the same time, this Goat loses none of his/her caring and creative nature and indeed is able to harness these gifts to a concrete plan of action which in turn ensures success on all fronts.

The most significant influence brought on by the Earth element is a stability of temperament. Instead of being given over to the emotional fluctuations of other Goats, the Earth Goat is able to display equanimity in matters of daily living. While the Goat nature is essentially sensitive, when associated with the Earth element, this sign is able to cope with the vagaries of life with greater detachment. Also the influence of Earth serves to ground the personality of the Goat in a practical approach to life rather than give way to emotional impulses. Earth Goats are the most likely out of all their kind to be able to keep a good job or work away at their own projects without outside prodding. They are better at keeping a schedule or budget than other Goats are and in the end, this means that the former are better prepared to succeed in life.


Yet another positive consequence of the Earth element is to make this Goat much more patient and understanding in nature. Unlike the Fire Goat, this sign is not motivated by adventure-seeking thrills; neither is he/she driven to forge numerous social relationships by emotional compulsions in the manner of the Water Goat. The Earth Goat is more at peace with his/her inner self as well as immediate surroundings. Without appearing to be particularly persuasive or even domineering which some Goat can become, the Earth Goat is likely to move ahead in life in slow, measured steps. With an abundance of patience and quiet determination, this Goat will walk one step at a time to its goal. Thus while the Earth Goat may take a longer while to achieve his/her goals, he/she is surer of success since his/her efforts are backed by a steadiness of temperament as well as capacity for hard work.

The Goat in general has a strong attraction to principle of beauty and sensuality. They like to be surrounded by creature comforts as well objects which are lovely to look at or give sensual pleasures such as good food and fine wines. In case of the Earth Goat this impulse takes the form of pride in a well-kept and tastefully decorated home. It is not as though this Goat likes to show off his/her material wealth – if anything the Earth Goat is the least extravagant among Goats who are known for their tendency to splurge – but since this Goat has an innate sense of the worth of material things, they are marked by a discriminating nature and like to possess objects of good taste as well as significant value.

In personal relationships, the Goat is driven by a need for security in love and this is even truer of the Earth Goat. Essentially a homebody, this Goat needs to know that at the end of the day, his/her love and loyalty will be reciprocated to the same degree by a partner.