Horse - Goat Love Compatibility in Chinese Astrology


Few couples of the Chinese zodiac system are as opposed in personalities as the Horse and Goat. This would appear bring up major reasons of romantic incompatibility but in reality, the two seem placed to complement each other quite nicely in a relationship.

High Points of a Horse-Goat love match

On first glance, the masculine energy of a Horse male and the soft feminity of a Goat female seems a textbook case of opposites. Goat women are famous for their seductive beauty and feminine graces which may be more than enough to floor the Horse on their first meeting. On the other hand Goat man is likely to be attracted to the Horse woman on account of her high-spirited nature and her bubbling enthusiasm which seems to sweep away everyone around. The female Horse in turn will be touched by the solicitous nature of the male Goat, his untiring efforts to make her comfortable and give what she needs.


The attraction of opposites between the Horse and Goat can in fact lead to something far deeper since their personalities which seem so contrary on the surface can also complement each other beautifully. The Horse is a gregarious and highly popular being – they easily attract friends and followers on account of their high spirits, vast reserves of energy and a natural confidence. This trait supported by an egoistic nature puts the Horse squarely in the spotlight of any occasion – social or professional. The Goat on the other hand is a shy and retiring person who is comfortable looking in from the sidelines. Thus when allied to the Goat, the Horse has no reason to feel threatened by another popular or assertive personality – something that may have caused friction had the Horse been with an equally dynamic partner like the Dragon or a popular one like the Monkey. The Goat will be perfectly happy to let the Horse partner take the center-stage. In his/her turn the Horse will be deeply grateful for the unflinching support of the Goat partner in life and love.

Apart from each personality benefiting the other, the Horse and Goat partner can enrich their home and relationship in their own ways. The Horse, attracted as he/she is to the outside world, will be only too happy to leave the house in the capable hands of the Goat partner. The latter would ensure that the couple’s home is an abode of nurture, beauty and comfort. The Horse on the other hand would be a source drive and enthusiasm into their lives, without which their relationship might seem dull and eventually unsatisfactory.

Challenges of a Horse-Goat love match

The Horse and Goat pair might seem to pull in different directions because of major differences in personality. While the Goat is devoted to home and family pleasures, it is quite impossible for the outgoing Horse to remain closeted indoors for long. He/she may soon be itching to get out there where the lights are shining, the music is playing and the dice ready to roll. This is a person who cannot be away from the heart of action for long and a Goat’s solitary and quietly romantic dates are unlikely to interest the Horse for long. The Goat on the other hand might be dismayed at the restless nature of the Horse and even see this as evidence of a shallow personality which is perpetually in search of novelty.

A Goat is extremely sensitive to what others say. As a result, the frank and straightforward communication style of a Horse man might end up hurting his/her partner’s feelings and in case of a female Goat even reducing her to tears. on his/her part the Goat may irritate the Horse with an excess of mothering.

Both the Horse and Goat are quite stubborn in their own ways and this does not bode well for the relationship. The Horse is too egoistic to admit that he/she might be wrong and thus refuse to back down in case of a fight; on his/her part, the Goat would use all his/her powers of passive resistance till they get what they want. Neither attitude is going to be helpful in resolving issues of conflict which every relationship has to cope with, sooner or later.

A far more serious obstacle to their love compatibility is the fact that a Goat needs deep emotional connections with his/her partner to feel fulfilled in a relationship whereas to a Horse this might come off as needy and emotional immaturity. Personal independence is extremely importance to et Horse who is often equally ready to accord the same degree of freedom to a partner. To a Goat on the other hand, the depth of a relationship is measured by the extent of their mutual emotional dependence, how much they both talk about feelings with each other.

The secret to the female Horse-male Goat love compatibility lies in being able to bend a little. Once each half of the pair learns to give a little – the Horse contributing a little more to the relationship in terms of emotional intimacy and the Goat allowing a little more of the personal freedom that the Horse is used to – things can definitely start looking up.