The Fire Horse in Chinese Astrology


The element Fire is believed to grant energy and dynamism to a sign – traits that the Chinese zodiac of Horse already possesses. As such the Fire Horse is a flamboyant personality, one who has loads of initiative and passion but also prone to risky behavior and burnouts.

One of the most significant traits of the Horse is a desire to be in the thick of action – an eagerness to try out something new or to take up a challenge. This is related to the essentially dynamic nature of the Horse which needs to be on the go; he/she cannot bear to look on at life from the sidelines but must jump in and be part of all the action. When fed by the element Fire, the flames of enterprise rise even higher in the Horse. As a result the Fire Horse is likely to be most dynamic and energetic of the breed. He/she is practically sizzling with energy and is keen to take the initiative on whatever opportunities life throws before him/her.

With traits like energy and initiative,  the Fire Horse has the potential to be a natural leader. This Horse is not only the first to take up a challenge or volunteer for a task, but he/she also possesses great courage. Tasks and ideas which may confound others and scare them away, will only whet the appetite of the Fire Horse – he/she is driven to achieve the seemingly impossible, no matter how high the odds are stacked. It is this fearless attitude which makes the Fire Horse lead from the front and motivates others to follow. In fact the best part about the Horse’s vivacious nature is that it often rubs on to others so that people around him/her find it easy to get enthusiastic or excited about life and its challenges.


The flipside of this fearless nature is however a tendency to take major risks. The Fire Horse sometimes likes to run wild and ends up taking some pretty big chances at life and love. If there is a character who is having too much fun at the roulette table or strip club to care about consequences, it is most likely to be a Fire Horse. But even though this Horse is prone to suffer major losses at gambling or stock market, such is their native intelligence and positivity that usually they find some way or other to make good their losses.

Another aspect of the Horse which is heightened by the influence of Fire is their attracted to novelty. In general, the Horse must have new and varied experiences in his/her life in order to feel alive.  In case of the Fire Horse, this hankering after novelty in fact takes a feverish turn – he/she is constantly on the lookout for something new to do and experience and as soon the thrill of the novelty has worn off, he/she can get bored and irritable.

Finally this innate restlessness makes personal relationships rather difficult matter for the Fire Horse. Though this person has no difficulty whatsoever in starting a love affair – indeed their zest for life and natural exuberance even makes them irresistible – when it is a matter of continuing the relationship, the Fire Horse finds him/herself ill-equipped. This sign is too changeable and unpredictable to be satisfied with the same person over a long period of time. Also the desire for personal independence in the Fire Horse burns brighter than compared with others because of which this character likes to roam wild and free.