The Water Horse in Chinese Astrology


Water usually figures as one of the elements in almost all astrological systems of the world. It is believed to encourage flexibility and the flow of communication to any sign with which it is associated. In case of the Chinese sign of the Horse, the element Water heightens some attributes, both to favorable and unfavorable ends.

One of the most appealing traits of the Horse is his/her gregarious nature. He/she is a social live-wire and if any person is required to jazz up the party or to infuse drive in the boardroom, it is the Horse. As a result the Horse is generally well-liked by friends and acquaintances and highly sought after when there is need for energy and enthusiasm. However when allied with Water, the social charm of the Horse is further amplified because of which he/she has a large group of friends and acquaintances and is likely to figure in every big party in town. One of the reasons for their social appeal is that Water enhances the flow of fellow feeling in a sign. Thus this Horse has a natural tendency to reach out to people and forge social bonds. He/she is comfortable both with familiar faces as well new ones. And considering the Water Horse’s love of life, it is only expected that those around will be attracted to this bundle of fun and energy.


Yet another reason why the Water Horse is more popular than those of other elements is because this element brings about added conversational skills in a sign. For all their social energy and personal appeal, the basic Horse nature has a tendency to get opinionated at times. The Horse enjoys discussing various things with people around but sometimes they can stretch a point. This can make them seem unnecessarily argumentative and sometimes even bossy and outrageous. The Water Horse on the other hand is more genial and chatty and less likely to cross swords on differing opinions. In fact one of the consequences of their communication skills, is a readiness to solve others’ problems and concerns. The Horse is only too happy to lend an ear to a friend in trouble and is usually quite quick to come with a solution too. This is an important way the Horse is able to widen their social network and increase their popularity as well.

On the flipside though, this readiness to be involved in other people’s affairs often leads to more than a few emotional entanglements for the Water Horse. While the Horse may not be led by selfish ends to offer suggestions and advice, in the process they may find themselves enmeshed in some rather complicated personal situations. And considering the Horse’s tendency towards freedom, he/she then reacts by simply opting out of the relationship and moving towards fresh pastures. However for the person or persons involved, this attitude of the Water Horse may smack of escapism.

Another problem with the Water Horse could be a greater tendency to variability. As it is, the Horse is not one of the most constant of signs; because of their quick intellect and boundless energy, they are attracted to variety and novelty. When allied with the flexibility of the Water element, the sign may become even more restless and changeable in temperament so that he/she may find it difficult to remain in a committed course of action, whether in the professional social or personal context.