The Metal Monkey in Chinese Astrology


The Monkey is one of the most remarkable signs of the Chinese zodiac. Crafty, clever and widely resourceful, Monkeys are geared towards self-improvement though they can also form close partnerships. When influenced by Metal, many positive traits like their ingenuity and wit acquire a keener edge even though they may need to tone down negative ones like their ego.

One of the most distinctive traits of the Monkey is the impulse towards self-interest. Monkeys are keen to advance their own social and material position in life even though they don’t forget to have some fun along the way. This is a far cry from the idealistic approach to life that is adopted by a sign like the Dog or even a grandiose one that primarily motivates a sign like Dragon. The Monkey on the other hand would gauge a situation by finding out what is in it for him or her. And yet because of their sharp wit and wide resourcefulness, they never give the impression of being merely materialistic or greedy. This sign is quite adept at convincing people to work things out in a particular manner, which of course is exactly what would suit the Monkey best. In the Metal Monkey, this tendency towards self-improvement is even keener which is why this is perhaps the most ambitious of their kind. Metal Monkeys are always on the lookout for lucrative opportunities and will not leave any stone unturned in their search for personal success.


Yet another consequence of the Metal element is to raise the level of confidence in the Monkey much higher. As it is this sign is a self-assured being who is exactly aware of the practical value of his/her know-how and resourcefulness. Indeed the Monkey has quite a reputation for being the know-all of the Chinese menagerie – if there is an opinion being discussed, the Monkey believes he/she knows more than others while if there is troubleshooting going on, the Monkey knows that his/her solution is the best. It is this sense of a superior ability, especially in matters of communication and exchange of information that makes the Monkey somewhat infuriating to others. But when allied with an element like Metal, this natural confidence acquires a sharper edge so he/she can often come off impatient and dismissive of others. For most part, this immense confidence of the Metal monkey is indeed backed by real substance but still this sign is not above a little bluffing now and then, especially if the manipulation stands to further his/her own interests in any way.

One of the effects of a higher degree of confidence and ambition is to make the Metal Monkey even more egoistic than usual. As it is the Monkey has a tendency to believe that he/she is always right and can rarely tolerate to be overruled – unless it is in keeping with his/her interests. However when allied with Metal, their egoism gets a sharper edge which is why this Monkey cannot brook any opposition to what they consider their natural authority.

In case of personal relationships, the Metal Monkey comes across as a fun and ardent lover. In general both male and female Monkeys have a healthy amount of sex appeal, a criteria which makes them highly desirable as partners. They can be delightfully provocative in new relationships as well as be trusted to keep the fire of passion burning in long term ones. However Metal has the effect of bringing about a greater intensity of feelings, which makes this Monkey even more passionate in his/her romantic relationships. And apart from a sizzling sex life, the Metal Monkey also expects, as much as he/she is willing to offer, steadfast loyalty in a relationship.