The Earth element lends substance and patience to a sign, traits which the Ox already seems to possess in some degree in the Chinese zodiac system. Thus when molded from the Earth element, this sign on one hand may suffer from an excess of its typical traits but also come off as the homeliest and most genial of the Ox clan.

Fire as an astrological element grants dynamism and initiative to a sign. In the case of a stolid and cautious sign as the Ox, the element Fire has the potential to work some significant changes while keeping the basic nature intact.

The Ox for all its physically formidable nature actually denotes quite different qualities in Chinese astrology. People born in the year of the Ox are cautious, sensual and very caring at heart. However they can at times be also obstinate – all traits which are likely to be intensified under the influence of the element, Metal.

The element Water is believed to bestow a fluidity of temperament in a sign. Water signs are thus likely to be more creative and adaptable than other elements, even in the same sign. In event of a sign like Ox being allied with Water, the result is to dilute many of his/her fixed traits and make positive things flow more smoothly.

The Wood element is associated with a capacity for human warmth and compassion. This works in an especially positive way for a quiet sign like the Ox who in consequence is able to give much freer expression to their feelings. Also Wood enhances the thoughtfulness and generosity inherent in the sign even though it may also make him/her more cautious than usual.

The Ox in Chinese Astrology seems to have the interesting ability to possess very different qualities but without making any fuss – it is physically strong but reluctant to get involved in conflicts, it is patient but also almost infuriatingly obstinate, and it is practical but very caring at heart. Here are some other remarkable traits of the Ox.

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