Ox - Goat Love Compatibility in Chinese Astrology


In Chinese astrology the Ox and Goat share a mix of similar and different traits where their personalities are concerned. The chief of their similarities is a common love of home and family while the prime difference lies in their respective inner motivations – the Ox is driven by practical consideration while the Goat is led by emotional ones.

High points of an Ox-Goat love match

The match between an Ox man and a Goat woman is one of those rare ones which seem to have been made in the heavens. The main reason for this is that the male Ox answers deeply and firmly to the female Goat’s need of being cared for and looked after. He will be only too happy to offer her the lasting emotional security she needs to be content in a relationship. Add to this the Ox’s penchant for acquiring material comforts and financial stability and the Goat has all she can ever ask for. The male Ox may have been attracted by the soft, cultured beauty of the female Goat on their first encounter but he will actually be delighted to find a woman for whom home and family relationships are paramount. Her warm, caring nature and penchant for presiding as a domestic goddess will seem to make his innermost desires come true. Each will give the other the emotional and material security that is so important for both these signs to feel fulfilled in love.


Likewise a relationship between the Ox woman and Goat man also gives a high priority to family relationships and responsibilities. This is particularly satisfying to a female Ox since she is also looking for a committed relationship which offers her long term love and emotional security. None of them are likely to be attracted to external stimuli and their idea of a perfect date will be a cozy dinner in front of the fireplace, away from the bright lights of the nightclub or the bar. Sex between the two is also likely to be a highly satisfying experience, wherein the Goat partner will bring in all the beauty his/her sensitivity and the Ox, all the wealth of his/her sensuality. Best of all both will understand and respond to each other’s need for material and emotional security.

Apart from homely comforts, both the Ox and Goat are avid lovers of the good things of life like delicious food, fine wines and nice dresses. In fact if resources are not a problem, the Goat can even spend a small fortune in tailored dresses and personal adornments. This trait owes not so much to a sense of vanity or love of spending but actually an inherent trait in the Goat to arrange things prettily. This suits the Ox partner quite well who is indeed quite house-proud and relishes the idea of having a comfortable, well-decorated home that others would appreciate and envy.

Challenges of an Ox-Goat love match

The chief hurdle to a compatible relationship between the two signs appears to lie in their vastly different temperaments with the Ox being practical and down-to-earth and the Goat given over to emotions. The female Goat is likely to be a woman who wishes to be romanced with love poems, red roses and an anniversary of the first time they exchanged kisses. The male Ox may on the other hand may perceive such indulgences as useless and perhaps even embarrassing; more importantly the Ox would probably find the mood swings of the Goat partner incomprehensible and tend to keep away instead of seeking a closer emotional connection.

Yet another source of conflict between the pair could be in the matter of finances. In keeping with the Goat’s love of pretty things, he/she may be prone to buying clothes, accessories and other adornments which an Ox partner might find unnecessary and wasteful. Despite their love of sensual delights, the Ox likes to be careful in their expenses and is apt to be suspicious of extravagant and impulsive shopping.

Another aspect of the Goat’s aesthetic sense is a bent towards perfection. This character is very particular in completing every goal or project in the best way possible and is especially adept at granting a keen eye to details and minutiae. Unfortunately the Goat also has a tendency to apply to others the same high standards they set for themselves as a result of which they can be rather critical in their words. This exacting nature is unlikely to go down well with a partner, especially with someone as stubborn as the Ox who would hate any nagging or hectoring. Driven to exasperation the Ox partner may even lash out in rage and angry words which in turn would deeply wound a nature as sensitive as the Goat’s. In these ways certain inherent traits in the Ox and Goat could make them mutually incompatible.

Also both being reticent and socially-withdrawn, the Ox and Goat couple might at times feel a lack of excitement in the relationship which in extreme cases may even lead the each to drift away from each other. And yet chances for this happening are quite rare since both see eye-to-eye where love, intimacy and commitment are concerned. Each is sufficient for the other and the two will remain happy in their own romantic world.