Ox - Tiger Love Compatibility in Chinese Astrology


In the Chinese zodiac, the Ox and Tiger are two animal signs which bear vastly different personalities and yet have the potential for romantic compatibility. This is especially true when the partners agree to let their individual traits complement each other in the interests of the relationship. However if the partners let their differences take precedence over their relationship, things are bound to go awry.

High Points of an Ox-Tiger love match

Both may be drawn to each other initially by the force that works to attract opposites. The Ox partner man will be in awe of this energetic, gregarious person who has the chutzpah to live and love according to his/her terms. The two will probably come together in passionate lovemaking which will have all the warmth of the Ox’s sensuality as well as the originality of the Tiger’s moves. It will be an experience never to be forgotten and by far wilder than anything the Ox has ever experienced.


In their social context too, the Ox and Tiger couple may find themselves working in tune. Neither is highly gregarious, say in the manner of the Rat or Horse. While the Ox is comfortable socializing with only a close circle of family and good friends, the Tiger is a deeply private person who does not believed in wearing one’s heart on the sleeve. And yet each is sociable enough to have a healthy social circle and both are fond of meeting people every once in a while.

Then again in a love match between the Ox and Tiger, each has a lot to give to the other. The Tiger can depend upon the practical nature of the Ox to give shape and a foundation to his/her own visionary ideas while the Ox can bask in the social and professional acclaim that his/her Tiger partner is likely to achieve in his/her endeavors. Over time, the Ox will also realize that despite having a large social circle, Tigers are actually very close only to a few people. They need the exchange of ideas and thoughts that their social circle provides but are rarely interested in making deep emotional connections with others. This realization will go a long way in easing the Ox partner’s concerns about the seeming lack of commitment from the Tiger; in fact the Ox will find out that the Tiger can be as loyal and committed a partner as anybody else once they have made up his mind about whom to give their affections.

Over time, the two may realize that they have more in common that they had been warned against. Neither the Ox nor the Tiger is given over to excessive emotionality or insecurity in the manner of the Pig or the Dog. This makes them examine things and issues in the clear light of logic and where mutual interest is concerned they can be trusted to find a solution that works for all parties.

Challenges of an Ox-Tiger match

The prime site of conflict between the Ox and Tiger lies in their completely different personalities – one is cautious and likes the familiar while the other is adventurous and attracted to the new. Like all individuals of this animal sign, female Oxen are fond of the hearth and their comfortable home; they are more concerned with domestic pleasures and can prove to be strong supportive partners once they feel secure enough in a relationship. At the outset this approach might seem to be completely opposed to the male Tiger’s way of life. Here is a man who is so deeply involved in weaving patterns for the future and thinking up new progressive systems that it is quite impossible for him to be limited to the domestic scene. He must get out there, meet with people, exchange ideas and plans and only then he can give shape to his visions. This radically different site of contentment in case of the Ox woman and the Tiger man can pose a hurdle when each is concerned with the fulfillment of individual needs and desires.

Likewise the male Ox likes things to be simple and staid in the long run. The mind-boggling individuality of the female Tiger as well as her rebellious nature as expressed in appearance or lifestyle may clash quite violently with the rather conventional values of her Ox partner. This is a man who is patient and accommodating to a certain extent but also deeply suspicious of change merely for the sake of novelty. Here the Tiger woman’s best chances lie in being able to reveal the material benefits that may result from change; since the Ox is equipped with a rational mind, once he is able to grasp the practical advantages of change, he may be more accepting of it.

A basic difference in motivation is perhaps the biggest hurdle to romantic compatibility between a Taurus and an Aquarius. While the Ox is most comfortable in familiar surroundings and following a fixed routine, the Tiger is attracted to the new and progressive. The former is deeply respectful of social conventions and age-old traditions while the latter thrives by living, thinking and loving according to their own rules.

Despite such intrinsic differences, what might help the Ox and Tiger to pull through is a shared value on commitment. Though the Ox is known to put a higher premium on loyalty and responsibility, even the Tiger once he/she has made up their mind, will adhere to their decision. Thus if they both decide to put their relationship first and make things work, there is every possibility of this being a happy match.