The Ox Zodiac Sign in Chinese Astrology


The Ox in Chinese Astrology seems to have the interesting ability to possess very different qualities but without making any fuss – it is physically strong but reluctant to get involved in conflicts, it is patient but also almost infuriatingly obstinate, and it is practical but very caring at heart. Here are some other remarkable traits of the Ox.

One of the first things you are likely to notice about the Ox is their cautious nature. In every aspect of life, they like to tread carefully – whether making new friends, entering a business partnership or simply choosing new furniture. They are likely to ponder long over all the pros and cons of a situation and only then take a decision. This trait is deeply related with the Ox’s reluctance to change – they like the way things are and are usually slow to warming up to the possibilities of something new. It is thus love of familiarity that leads the Ox to have a limited but extremely tight social circle. The Ox loves his/her routine, the known faces and familiar way of doing things and would be highly disconcerted to find an old one missing and replaced by something new.


Yet another distinctive quality of the Ox is their love of the comforts of life. Both the male and female Ox likes to be indulged since their earthy nature is flattered by all the delights of the senses. Therefore a perfect evening for him would most probably mean a spread of good food and wine, excellent music and the sight of sparkling crystal dinnerware. This love for the good life also means that they are very proud of their table and that their social lives are likely to revolve around friends who also like to eat and drink instead of spending an evening at the art gallery or going bungee-jumping.

However the ruling quality of the Ox seems to be their practicality. They are grounded in reality and gauge the worth of a situation not by imagining its potential but by being true to its material worth. The flights of imagination or the appeal to inner emotions are not for the Ox and almost every decision they take in life are firmly rooted in facts and figures. As part of this tendency, the Ox likes to plan out almost every aspect of life in meticulous detail – there is nothing wishy-washy about this personality, they know what they want and how they are going to work towards it.

This brings to another characteristic trait of the Ox – their immense capacity for hard work. The Ox is capable of working long and hard to achieve his/her goals. Armed with physical tenacity and a plodding patience, the Ox will slowly but steadily advance both in their professional and social life. Another quality which contributes to their final success is a dogged determination. No matter how high the obstacles seem and how far the eventual goal, the Ox will continue to do what he/she believes in until they can convince others of truth of their endeavors or their efforts are finally crowned with success.
It is this reason why many self-made successes in business and entrepreneurship belong to the Year of the Ox. Sometimes when their essentially patient natures are tried to the maximum, the Ox can erupt in a fury that is both frightening and extremely dangerous to anyone who happens to be at its receiving end.

However the flipside of their steady determination is a stubborn streak, indeed a bull-headedness which seems aptly symbolized by the animal itself. Sometimes the Ox can become exceedingly obstinate and unable to see beyond his/her own point of view. Taken at their worst the obstinacy can make them blind to alternative and better options as well as the overall necessity for change. This unyielding nature may appear to others almost a perverse exercise in stubbornness, but it is only the Ox’s way remaining steadfast in his course and loyal to his beliefs.

In professional life, the Ox can often be found in positions of authority – positions which require the incumbent to be patient, cautious and grounded in plain, common sense. However over time the Ox may develop a streak of bossiness because of which they can appear inflexible, authoritarian and excessively strict with employees or subordinates. Yet another aspect of the Ox is their love of material rewards. The Ox is unlikely to be involved in a venture merely for the sake of professional satisfaction or love of humanity. This materialistic streak is also reflected in his over attachment to money and possessions as well as the fact that he/she needs to own something in order to take pleasure in it.

In matters of health, the Ox can be vulnerable to exhaustion because of their workaholic natures. They would do well to stick to a vegetarian diet and reduce intake of meat to minimum levels. Ideally the rural setting is most suitable for the Ox but if this is not feasible, an individual should definitely get to someplace calm and green in order to recuperate from stress. The Ox should be particularly careful of their legs and the area around their knees even though overall, they have one of the sturdiest constitutions in the Chinese Zodiac animals.

In his/her personal life, the Ox can be an extremely caring partner. They would willingly tend to every need and comfort of their partner and family members and won’t mind working hard to afford all that their dependents wish for. In return the Ox only needs a loving and secure environment. It is extremely important for the Ox to feel emotionally safe in a relationship and just like they are completely loyal to their partners, in return they expect hundred percent commitment as well. This is a person who takes infidelity and any evidence of rebellion from someone close very hard. So people belong to the inner circle of the Ox should be wary of contradicting their words and wishes, especially before company. Instead use of tact and patience may succeed better in getting an Ox to turn around and see sense in another point of view. This tendency to inflexibility can make the Ox appear as an over-strict and authoritarian parent at times. And yet they make some of the best providers and parents - working hard to sponsor their kids’ education and hobbies, cooking up tasty and nutritious meals as well patiently educating and encouraging their children in life. Because of their difficulty in letting go, the Ox also finds it harder than other as parents to cope with the empty nest syndrome.