The Fire Ox in Chinese Astrology


Fire as an astrological element grants dynamism and initiative to a sign. In the case of a stolid and cautious sign as the Ox, the element Fire has the potential to work some significant changes while keeping the basic nature intact.

Essentially the Ox is a plodder by nature; this means that the sign prefers to work to their goals by slow, measured steps instead of rushing recklessly ahead. But this has the disadvantage of leaving the Ox blind to many opportunities along the way since his/her nose is firmly on the ground. The element Fire in turn can make the Ox far more dynamic and enterprising in nature. Allied with this element, the Ox may shrug away some of his/her inherently cautious attitude and thus make the best use of the many opportunities along the way which in turn can take him/her even more quickly to the top. The Fire Ox is thus highly ambitious which is why he/she is more likely than others of the sign to achieve material success and earlier too.

Yet another positive influence of the Fire element is to lend a certain social charm to the sign. The Ox is not really the most gregarious of signs and its social interactions are usually restricted to a familiar network of close friends and family. However the drive and ambition associated with Fire can also lighten up the social aspect of the Ox so that he/she may find themselves enjoying company and going out with others instead of staying put indoors.


In the sphere of personal relationships too, the element Fire can bring out important changes, the primary being to heighten the passionate nature of the Ox. As it is the Ox has a deeply sensual personality but when allied with the fiery element, the flames of passion are likely to rise higher and burn brighter. Even though this may make for a satisfying sex life, the Fire Ox should take care not to give way to too much intensity. One of the problematic qualities of the Ox lover is a capacity for possessiveness and a domineering nature. This tendency to inflexibility can make the Ox appear as an overbearing and arrogant partner sometimes but under the influence of Fire, this tendency is in danger of being further heightened into aggression which is hardly congenial to a happy relationship.

Also the Fire Ox can suffer from an inner conflict at times. This is because the basic nature of the slow and cautious Ox is quite different from the dynamism and motion associated with the element Fire. At its worst, this inner contradiction can pull the personality in different directions so that one moment he/she is suspicious and pessimistic and the next he/she is overenthusiastic and impetuous. Being pulled in different directions can not only make the Fire Ox vulnerable to negative extremes but in the end fall victim to physical and mental exhaustion. Thus the Fire Ox needs to be true to their basic quiet and contemplative natures and seek to ride the flames of energy and initiative only at the right time, when the iron is hot and it serves to strike.