The Earth Pig in Chinese Astrology


Like most astrological systems of the world, in Chinese zodiac too, the confluence of a sign and element has an important bearing on the final personality. Earth is an element which is believed to grant practicality and steadfastness to a sign while the Pig is associated with a nature that is mostly loving and sensual but also somewhat mysterious. When allied with each other, the result is character which is worthy and successful but also somewhat complex.

One of the most important traits that the Earth grants to the Pig sign is to ground it in practicality and common sense. The Earth Pig does not feel compelled to take up impossible tasks or be involved in extremely idealistic projects. This Pig has a fair sense of his/her capabilities and is keen to search out the things in life which will lead towards self-improvement. The Earth Pig has the sense to stay away from situations of confrontation as well as trouble as far as possible and is always on the lookout to learn from practical experiences in life. For all these reasons the Earth Pig is likely to be extremely successful in the worldly sense, though he/she may not display any flamboyance or talk too much about it.


And yet despite the motivation to make good in life, the Earth Pig is in no rush to get to the top of the ladder. He/she would much rather take one step at a time and proceed on the merits of proper planning and preparation rather than being driven by blind impulse and momentary inspiration. This is the result of an abundance of patience in the Earth Pig which would even impress a sign known for steadfastness like the Ox. In the final analysis, the Earth Pig is more assured than others of reaching his/her final goal and experiencing success.

On the flipside though, a dense element like Earth may make the Pig more passive than usual so that in absence of motivation, this sign could be in danger of sinking into lethargy and inertia. However an ingrained sense of self-preservation makes such a likelihood extremely rare and the Earth Pig would in all probability adopt a sensible approach to life and its vicissitudes.

Even though the Earth element brings about a bent for practicality and materialism, it by no means cancels out the kind and compassionate nature which is basic to the Pig sign. On the contrary the Earth Pig has a better idea of how to make things work to the advantage of others and can create opportunities that stand to benefit both him/herself as well people who are close to him/her.

It is this rational perspective in life that makes the Earth Pig such a supportive partner in relationships as well. He/she will do their utmost in ensuring that their partners and family members lack for nothing. On his/her part, the Earth Pig needs a home environment that is comfortable, secure and stress-free. Like other members of the sty, this Pig too functions best when feeling happy and secure in a relationship.