The Fire Pig in Chinese Astrology


Fire is an astrological element that is associated with dynamism and courage. In signs that already possesses enough of such traits, Fire can act negatively but in signs like the Pig which are slightly deficient in such matters, Fire works to make it strong and successful on various levels.

The most noticeable influence of Fire when allied with the Pig sign is to grant it greater initiative. Despite their many qualities, most of the times the Pig is content to go along with the flow of fellow feeling and compassion, an attitude that can veer dangerously towards passivity. However Fire lifts the Pig from this tendency towards inertia with the result that the Fire Pig is full of drive and energy. Here is a Pig who is most likely to be found involved with multiple causes and projects at any one point of time and still full of life and enthusiasm. Also the Fire Pig is likely to be quite assertive in nature – the general tendency of the Pig is to take the line of least resistance and try to get along with others; the Fire Pig on the other hand can hold his/her own even in the face of tough opposition till the other person either backs down or adopts a more conciliatory stance. As a result of this the Fire Pig is one of the most ambitious of the breed and has a good chance of achieving worldly success.


And yet the Fire Pig is not simply content to run after material and selfish goals. What lifts this sign onto a higher level is his/her passion for larger causes. This is aligned to the strongly idealistic attitude of the Pig sign in general since he/she is deeply concerned about humanitarian issues. When this natural urge to help and serve is coupled with the energy and drive of the Fire element, the Pig is transformed into one of the most ardent champions of the deserving causes. The Fire Pig is able to take on seemingly impossible responsibilities motivated by the love of humanity and a deep sense of justice and equality.

The Fire Pig brings the same wealth of passion in his/her personal relationships too. When in love, this sign shows more energy and sensuality than any of its other Pig cousins. Apart from being an ardent lover, the Fire Pig can also brighten a relationship with fun and interesting things to do. Unlike the Water Pig there is no overwhelming emotionality; neither is there a tendency to fall into a rut in the manner of the Earth Pig. Instead the Fire Pig will ensure that his/her partner has the best of all worlds, including the internal and external. In fact the Pig’s innate love of sensual pleasures is especially heightened by the Fire element with the result that many from their ranks of Fire Pigs are gourmets and are gifted with a discriminating taste where food and drink are concerned. Likewise they like to pamper themselves with exotic perfumes, bath salts and fragrances and personal grooming is often a sensuous and highly drawn out affair with them.

However the Fire Pig can be rather temperamental in nature and prone to swinging between extremes of moods. The solution to this is to keep this sign engaged in multiple activities which are both geared towards personal satisfaction as well as towards meaningful involvement.