The Metal Pig in Chinese Astrology


Far removed from the less than flattering associations of the animal in western culture, the Pig in Chinese astrology is associated with a nature that is mostly loving, sensitive and idealistic. When allied with the Metal element, this sign seems to gain in direction and assertiveness even if it becomes more than a little complex.

One of the happiest consequences of the association of Metal with the sign of the Pig is that it makes the personality more assertive in nature. In general, the Pig is kind and compliant towards all. This coupled with the fact that he/she usually takes the line of least resistance, makes the Pig a rather passive and impressionable sign. As a result the Pig not only has difficulty in making his/her way in the world but is even taken advantage of unscrupulous people. However when allied with an element like metal, the Pig gains in strength and determination. The Metal Pig is more likely to have a firm grip on life and individuals who assumed that they can exploit the Pig’s natural goodness of heart better have another thought coming.

Since the Metal Pig is able to display a greater assertiveness in his/her dealings with the world, he/she also stands a better chance to experience worldly success. This Pig has the confidence as well as determination to make it big and as such the Metal Pig is perhaps the most ambitious among all the inhabitants of the pen. However this is not to say that Metal diminishes any of the essentially helpful nature of the Pig sign; on the contrary it grants this Pig a greater resolve to do anything that he/she wants to, even if means going against the practical wisdom which puts self-interest ahead of humanitarian causes. In fact the Metal Pig cares deeply about values like justice and equality and can bring all the strength of his/her personality and industriousness in order to support a just or humanitarian cause. This character is also very persevering and will continue to work with dedication and ardor even after others may have given up.


However when forged by metal, the Pig can also become rather opinionated and inflexible at times. Even though the Pig is usually gentle and compassionate, he/she has a curious fixed quality which is unique in this astrological system. In the Metal Pig, this streak of stubbornness is even more deeply ingrained so that once he/she decides that this is what he/she is going to do – no matter how fool-hardy or difficult the course of action is – they will simply not be deviated from their intentions.

The presence of Metal also brings about a greater intensity in the emotions of the Pig. In personal relationships thus, the Pig proves to an extremely passionate lover who is capable of a high level of commitment. The Pig will be extremely devoted to a partner and ensure that all the latter’s needs and requirements are met. However this can make the Pig lover somewhat obsessive in his/her devotion and a partner who is used to a degree of personal freedom can find all this attention rather overwhelming. At the same time, for all the gentle nature of the sign, the Pig when tempered by Metal can become quite possessive in love and may even show a tendency towards jealousy and unhealthy obsession.