The Wood Pig in Chinese Astrology


Among the elements in Chinese astrology, Wood is associated with bringing about human warmth and generosity in a sign. When associated with a sign like Pig, Wood appears to do little more than intensify such traits already present; however the final result is a personality who is not only kind and giving but also worthy and complex on several levels.

When allied with Pig, the Wood element works in a way that is quite similar to water. Like the latter, Wood serves to heighten the affable and social nature of the Pig. However the influence of this element goes much deeper since it makes the sign far more compassionate in spirit. The Wood Pig has a far greater ability to put him/herself in another person’s shoes than any other resident of the pen. This Pig is not only kindly and helpful but is a genuine team member. Unlike the social impulse of the water, the Wood Pig is motivated by a far deeper spirit of co-operation and therefore can be commonly found in partnerships or in the sort of profession that demands team-work.


However when taken to an extreme, the generosity of the Wood Pig can at times smack of insistence or even interference. A Wood Pig is always ready to help a friend in need, and will rarely take no for an answer – even if the person really does not want the help! A Wood Pig will give of himself or herself until there is almost nothing left to give and can even overwhelm others by their generosity. As a result, those who are Wood Pigs should be careful to take out time for rest and recuperation or they may drive themselves to nervous exhaustion and premature burn-out.

In personal relationships, though the Wood Pig is not so emotional as the water Pig but he/she still needs complete assurance of love and loyalty from a partner. In case where a partner is unable to offer emotional and material security, the Wood Pig can be left feeling anxious and a little lost. He/she thrives best in the bosom of a happy and supportive family. On his/her part the Wood Pig can be one of the most giving of partners. He/she will do their best to see that a loved one does not lack for anything and will work hard to fulfill all their family’s needs and comforts.

Among the many positive the Wood element grants to the Pig personality is a practicality in the workplace. Unlike other Pigs, this one is not so much given to dreaming and thinking. Instead the Wood Pig will go about quite deliberately about his/her work, planning and dividing a task into smaller bits so that it is easier to get it done. Thus when a major task or a complex project has to be completed, the Wood Pig is often the best person to be at the helm of affairs.