In Chinese astrology, the element of Wood has a mellowing influence on a sign. People tempered by Wood are thus loved for their warmth and generosity. Thus when Wood is associated with a sign like the Rabbit, who is already pleasing and affable, the resultant personality is marked by a high degree of social and personal success.

The element Earth has the capacity to ground a sign into practical reality and stability of temperament. In the Rabbit, the earthy influence seeks to amplify certain traits that he/she is already equipped with as well as infuse other useful ones like industriousness.

Fire is an element that is particularly beneficial to slightly passive sign like the Rabbit. Without negating any of its social charm and persuasion, Fire lends a greater dynamism and courage to the Rabbit, in effect equipping him/her with all the skills required for all round success.

In keeping with the animal symbolism, the Chinese zodiac sign of Rabbit denotes a mild-mannered and cautious personality. But he/she is also has more complex traits, most of which are accentuated when allied with the element, Metal.

Water has the gift to dilute highly fixed qualities in a sign but in a rather passive personality like the Rabbit, the element may further weaken an already hesitant temperament. Even then the Water Rabbit is a highly charming personality, one which has his/her own ways of making it good in the world.

A creature which figures pretty low on the food chain may not seem to possess many remarkable qualities. But the rabbit as an animal has survived on a mix of cunning, camouflage and an apparently benign nature – traits which are evident in the human counterpart in Chinese astrology and when fine-tuned make up an extremely attractive personality.

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