The Wood Rabbit in Chinese Astrology


In Chinese astrology, the element of Wood has a mellowing influence on a sign. People tempered by Wood are thus loved for their warmth and generosity. Thus when Wood is associated with a sign like the Rabbit, who is already pleasing and affable, the resultant personality is marked by a high degree of social and personal success.

One of the most interesting traits of the Wood Rabbit is a busy nature. This is a person whose natural empathy for fellow-beings goes much further and motivates him/her to direct action. The Wood Rabbit will not only listen to and sympathize with the concerns of his/her friends and family but even go out of his/her way to help them. While the Rabbit in general makes a great confidante on account of their affable and non-judgmental natures, in this case the sign is willing to go an extra mile to help a loved one out. This makes the Wood Rabbit one of the most compassionate and caring animals of the entire Chinese menagerie and people with this combination are always ready to suspend their own lives in order to respond to a call for help or support.


However one of the negative results of this kind of generosity of nature is that the Wood Rabbit tends to take on him/herself much more than they can cope with. As it is the Rabbit has a sensitive temperament which is unable to take on too much stress and strain. But when driven to lend a helping hand to his/her loved ones, the Wood Rabbit often forgets how much he/she is really capable of taking on. As such this Rabbit is more likely than most to burn out, even to the point of physical and nervous exhaustion. It is important for the Wood Rabbit to bear in mind the need to ring some rest and refreshment into their lives since theirs is a nature that is more sensitive than others and thus less capable of taking on strain, no matter how loving and generous their hearts may be.

Also the generous nature of the Wood Rabbit leaves him or her vulnerable to unscrupulous elements. There will always be people ready to take advantage of well-meaning and gentle characters which is why the Wood Rabbit must try and depend upon common sense rather than trust others automatically.

What prevents the Wood Rabbit from leading merely a life for others is a capacity for deep introspection. More than their cousins of other elements, this Rabbit is likely to be a dreamer and a thinker. Unlike the Metal or Water Rabbit, he/she is not simply driven by material ambitions or taken up by social exchange; rather the Wood Rabbit finds great satisfaction in contemplating various things about the world and of life in general. It is the nature of the Wood element to accentuate the philosophical side of a sign and when allied with the lover of beauty as the Rabbit, the result has great potential for aesthetic and artistic success.