The Rat is the first animal sign of the Chinese zodiac calendar and unlike its counterpart in western culture, here it symbolizes positive qualities like wit, popularity and resourcefulness. However different elements highlight certain aspects of the Rat and since metal is associated with strength and tenacity, these traits are further accentuated in the Metal Rat.

Earth is an element that is associated with patience and practicality. Earth people are usually industrious, trustworthy and more rooted in common sense. When allied to the Rat, the earthy element similarly helps the sign to ground many of his/her high-flying traits while also ensuring greater commitment.

Fire is known as the element of dynamism and energy in astrological systems around the world. The same is true of Chinese astrology too; here Fire amplifies traits like social brilliance and initiative that are associated with the Rat with the result that the end personality is an irrepressible go-getter, courageous leader and exciting companion.

The Rat is one of the most capable and social of the animal signs in the Chinese zodiac. However when this sign undergoes the influence of Water, there is an easier flow its native ingenuity and communication skills. The Water Rat is thus a highly appealing character, popular in the social circuit and successful in the day-to-day world.

The element Wood is associated with humanity and generosity; any sign under the influence of Wood is likely to have a more compassionate aspect of its major traits. The same is true of the Rat as well who in its Wood avatar is quieter, more considerate of his/her fellow beings and holds values closer to their heart.

Even though in Western culture, the rodent is associated with dirt, darkness and at the best a low cunning, Chinese astrology holds the Rat as a positive example of resourcefulness, tenacity and survival instinct. So if you are born in the Year of the Rat, here are some other qualities you can look for.

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