Fire is an element which grants initiative and enthusiasm to a sign. In case of the Rooster, Fire is particularly helpful as it broadens the obsessive focus of the Rooster and brings about greater social energy. At the same time though there is a danger of pushing things to such an extreme that the Rooster burns itself out in nervous energy and exhaustion.

Of all the animal signs in the Chinese zodiac, the Rooster is one of the most complex, thanks to a combination of various factors. Under the influence of an element like Metal, there is an intensifying of certain traits which on one hand makes it a worthier individual but on the other also pushes it towards a negative extreme.

Among the animal signs in Chinese astrology, the Rooster is not the easiest type to understand because of a tendency to certain fixed traits. Water though is an element which is believed to bring about a greater fluidity in nature and seems particularly helpful in turning the Rooster into a more rounded personality.

In Chinese astrology, the influence of the Wood element is to grant a certain warmth in a sign, making it more generous in nature and open to helping others without any thought of self-interest. When this element is associated with the zodiac sign of Rooster, the result is a personality in whom many of extremities of the Rooster nature are toned down while some positive traits are heightened.

The Earth as an element is known to lend a stabilizing influence on a sign and make it more practical in nature. Most of these traits are already present in the Rooster which is why the Earth element can bring about both positive and negative traits in this sign.

Among the animal signs in Chinese astrology, the Rooster is not the easiest type to understand and much less get along with. And yet this complex personality has traits that can go to make the most loyal companion, expert employee as well as worthy human beings.

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