The Earth Rooster in Chinese Astrology


The Earth as an element is known to lend a stabilizing influence on a sign and make it more practical in nature. Most of these traits are already present in the Rooster which is why the Earth element can bring about both positive and negative traits in this sign.

One of the traits in a sign that is typical of the Earth influence is quiet and thoughtful personality. Thus while the Fire or Metal Rooster can rarely refrain from crowing about their achievements and qualities, the Earth Rooster is likely to give the self-advertisement spree a miss. In fact the Earth Rooster does not have the academic know-how or the pedantic knowledge of the other types – rather he/she is marked by a practical intelligence which is usually the result of patient observation and quiet absorption of the lessons that life has to offer. In fact this tendency to contemplation in the Earth Rooster may even be transformed into a philosophical bent of mind during middle age and it is not unknown for this sign to hold deep-seated beliefs in religion and spirituality.


However one drawback of the Earth Rooster is a tendency to be fixated in certain beliefs and opinions especially as they get on in years. The influence of the Earth element acts to ground a person’s thoughts and attitudes and in a sign like the Horse or Monkey it can be bring about a valuable stabilizing influence on the individual. However in case of the Rooster which is already fastidious in nature, the Earth can bring about a certain inflexibility in attitude. The Earth Rooster can be thus quite uncompromising in their opinions and interactions with people. While the Fire element served to enlarge the Rooster’s focus and the Water element brought about a greater adaptability, the influence of Earth acts to fix certain traits in the Rooster which were already rather strict to begin with.

In personal sphere, the paramount need of this Rooster is security both in material and emotional sense. The Earth Rooster is happiest when living amidst long familiar surroundings; just like the sign’s counterpart from the animal world doesn’t venture out of the farmyard, this sign has no wish to be involved in new and strange experiences. Above all the Earth Rooster is looking for a partner who will offer him/her complete loyalty and emotional security. The Rooster is not exactly the easiest sign to get along with and perhaps no one is more aware of the fact than the Rooster him/herself. He/she needs a partner who will accept the Rooster-like idiosyncrasies and not mind their tendency to cluck and nag so much. In return the Rooster is willing to offer a lifetime of trust and ability to work hard. These qualities are especially ingrained in the Earth Rooster who is extremely dependable in nature and loyal to the core. This Rooster is particularly devoted to his/her home and whether male or female is sure to fulfill all domestic responsibilities to the utmost of his/her ability. In case the Earth Rooster is the breadwinner of the family, he/she will ensure that all the material needs and comforts of the family are met just like the domestic partner will make sure that the house is neat and running smoothly.