The Water Snake in Chinese Astrology


Almost in every astrological system of the world, the element Water is associated with a better ability to reach out to others, whether on account of better communication powers or a greater malleability of nature. In the Snake too, Water works to accentuate certain traits while infusing others that the sign lacks in general.

The element Water is believed to make a sign more creative in nature. Thus when associated with Snake who already possesses this trait, the result is a personality marked by highly discriminating nature. They love to be surrounded by beauty and comfort and usually have fine tastes as far as food, drinks, d├ęcor and leisure are concerned. In the Water Snake actually this preference for refined ways also extends to his/her own self. Thus this Snake is usually the most attractive of his/her kind and displays an elegant personal style. The Water Snake will take pains to look his/her best and can always be trusted to turn out impeccably for any occasion.


One of the most important influences of Water is to make a sign more affable in nature. Though the Snake in general likes to engage in polite social discourse and impress others with their high level of sophistication, at heart he/she is a very private person. Much like the actual Snake of the animal world, this personality type prefers keeping to him/herself and is extremely reluctant to allow anyone into the deepest recesses of his/her being. Though the Water Snake does not go to the other extreme of wearing his/her heart on the sleeve, still he/she makes a greater effort to get along with other signs of the zodiac menagerie. On the surface at least, the Water Snake is far more sociable and congenial to forging friendly bonds as compared to the rest of Snake clan.

Among the traits of the Water Snake which allow him/her a greater level of popularity is an excellence of communication skills. The element Water is believed to bring about a greater understanding based on effective communication which is why this Snake is not only a smooth talker but a great listener too. When conversing with the Water Snake, people are apt to divulge their innermost secrets and buried memories of which they may have spoken to no one but their therapist. In this way the Water Snake is capable of using verbal and non-verbal cues to reach out to others and help them to open up.

However there is no guarantee that the Water Snake will never use their communication skills to pursue their own agenda. Underneath the sophisticated veneer of the Snake is usually a keen mind looking for chinks in the other person’s psychology and quietly filing away all that he/she has learnt for future reference. When this innate capacity for psychological insight is combined with the conversational skills of the Water element, the Snake assumes a significant power of psychological manipulation, one which he/she is not above using for personal ends.

Another drawback associated with the Water Snake is tendency to take things too easy. As it is, the Snake is not the most dynamic of the animal signs on the Chinese zodiac. But when further diluted by Water, the Snake’s nature finds it difficult to be engaged in action. Then again the intrinsic sensuous nature of the Snake can be in this case prone to a hedonistic excess when their interests are not tempered with reason and good sense.