The Earth Tiger in Chinese Astrology


At first glance the traits signified by the Tiger like adventure and unpredictability as well as by the element Earth like patience and stability seem to run against each other. However in the end, they make for a highly successful if not a spectacular personality.

One of most significant influences of the element Earth is to ground a sign to the practical view of things. Though the Tiger is by no means empty-headed and even less emotional, he/she has a tendency sometimes to get attracted to a thought or project merely on account of its novelty. The Tiger is a rebel at heart and is thus always looking for ways to strike out on his/her own. With the influence of Earth, the Tiger is less swayed away by overarching ideas and visions and more focused on what is practical and achievable. The Earth element enables this Tiger to consider his/her ideas and plans from the prism of logic so that he/she is able to view the pros and cons instead of wildling rushing into an untenable course of action. The result is that the Earth Tiger’s efforts and initiatives are more successful in the long run because they are grounded in logic and plain common sense.


Then again the Earth element also brings about a greater stability in Tiger’s ways of thinking and living. The Tiger in Chinese astrology is a highly original personality – he/she is the last to think and act in a way simply because everyone does so or because it has always been done so. He/she would much rather chart their own way through the world on the strength of their own ideas and actions. However this sometimes lends a streak of unpredictability and recklessness to the Tiger which in the end negates any genuinely progressive thought or action. Here the Earth element helps by imparting a stabilizing influence on the Tiger’s temperament so that he/she is much more patient in nature and able to wait for the right time and opportunity instead of giving way to impetuosity and rushing along headlong.

However this is not to imply that under the influence of Earth, the Tiger loses any of his/her natural sense of ambition or adventure. It is completely against the grain of the Tiger’s temperament to become passive or timid; rather what the earthy element does is to ground the Tiger’s endeavors in forethought and planning. It is because the Earth Tiger is willing to look at things in a logical manner that he/she is more certain to succeed in the end, though this Tiger may take a longer route and be better prepared with back-up plans than felines of other elements.

In the sphere of personal relationships too the Earth Tiger can make a great friend and partner. The Earth grounds their affections to some extent so that they do not feel the same drive to isolation as in case of Metal or Fire. Thus while the Earth Tiger may not be as eloquent in his/her emotions or as passionate in his/her lovemaking, he/she is sure to provide a greater stability of affections and a higher degree of commitment.