The Fire Tiger in Chinese Astrology


The sign of the Tiger has many traits – like courage, dynamism and will-power – which seemed to be associated with the Fire element. Thus the Fire Tiger can be expected to possess these qualities in a most marked manner but at the same time the coming together of the element and sign also works to give the character a far greater complexity than a mere intensification of certain traits.

The foremost effect of the association of Fire with Tiger is perhaps a heightening of his/her essentially dynamic personality. Tiger people tend to have lively circle of friends and acquaintances and attract others by their charming sociability and their tendency to be polite and agreeable in company. Part of the social appeal of the Tiger lies in their appreciation of fine arts and cultural pursuits but when allied with Fire, they portray an added aspect of enthusiasm and sex appeal; in fact they are most likely to be good looking themselves or at least well groomed and fashionable. Add to all this, their inherent mystique and you have a highly attractive personality, one who makes heads turn and conversation pause whenever he/she enters a room.


Even more importantly, the Fire element fans the flames of the Tiger’s highly original personality. This is a sign that takes pride in his/her own thoughts, plans and lifestyle. When making their way through the world, they often come across as unusual and even eccentric and yet such is the power of their convictions and of the intelligence underlining their initiatives, that few are able to oppose them. While this trait is true of Tigers in general, under the influence of Fire the bent for individuality is even stronger. Thus the Fire Tiger will do exactly as he/she pleases and in fact he/she has enough courage and intelligence to go ahead and even succeed in their high original ventures.

On the flipside though, Fire also intensifies an unhappy consequence of the Tiger’s highly individualistic character – their unpredictability. The reckless streak that the Tiger is capable of is much more marked under the influence of Fire which goads them to take impetuous decisions or act with undue haste. Thus whether in business or in relationships, the Fire Tiger can lose everything or win the world with simply one throw of the dice. And even if they lose, such is the dynamic will and courage of this Tiger that before long, they will be seen in the game again.

Another consequence of the Fire element is that it makes the Tiger’s desire for independence even keener than usual. In the professional field, this is a Tiger who is least willing to work under supervision and control; likewise in relationships, this Tiger will be unhappiest when hedged in by overarching commitments and responsibilities. The Fire Tiger needs a greater degree of personal freedom as compared to his/her counterparts of all other elements. He/she needs the space to follow their own visions, have their own friends and do things their way. If held under social or institutional control for long, this person is bound to burst out in tempestuous rebellion and the rage of the Fire Tiger is not a pretty sight.