Ashley Madison

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Ashley Madison is a very useful website for someone looking for an extra marital affair.  Initial sign up is always free but to make real use of the website, you have to upgrade your membership.

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Ashley Madison, the extra marital affair dating website offers an affair guarantee.  If you can’t find someone to have a casual affair with through their website, they assure you a full refund of the fee you have paid. There are some terms and conditions that they have for this purpose. You need to purchase the 1000 credit pack that costs $249. This pack gives you a three month full membership. You must add a picture to your profile.  You need to keep your profile visible at all times.

Ashley Madison is a casual dating website that makes extra marital affairs possible for people. They started their operations in 2002 in Canada. Now they offer their dating services in USA, UK, Australia apart from Canada. Ashley Madison has always been a controversial but immensely successful dating service. They have over 7 million people using their website across 9 countries.

Ashley Madison, the extra marital affair dating website has been available in some European countries for a while now. They have launched their dating service in Germany. They are also in the process of launching in Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, South America and Asia. Ashley Madison operates in nine countries and offers its services in three languages currently. 

Ashley Madison unabashedly asks people to have an affair through its controversial ad campaigns. It has been featured in newspapers and magazines as well as on television shows. Their ads have been banned by television networks. Ashley Madison has been on the hate list of many women for playing cupid in extra marital affairs.

Ashley Madison is a dating service that specializes in bringing together men and women looking for casual relationships or flings. It is targeted at people who are already in a relationship but are looking for extramarital affairs. We have received a lot of positive feedback from users of Ashley Madison who have been able to find casual dating partners through their website.  It is run by a company named Avid Dating Life Inc.