The Best Places to Meet Single Women in Canberra, Australia


The city of Canberra is it the capital city of Australia. With a population of more than 355,000 people, it is Australia's largest inland city, and it is the country’s eighth-largest city overall. Located at the northern end of the Australian Capital Territory, Canberra is also the capital and seat of government, with many federal government ministries having secondary seats in the state capital city.

However, the people of Canberra are the true show-runners. They are known for being open, friendly, and incredibly diverse. The median age of the city is thirty-four, making it a fairly young city.

A perfect mirror of the sheer diversity Canberra offers, is theFloriade Flower Festival. This elaborate display of spring flowers is one of the city's biggest events; drawing massive crowds to Commonwealth Park from mid-September to mid-October. Displaying thousands upon thousands of intricately-arranged flowers, the Floriade Festival is a must for anyone who appreciates nature at its most beautiful. If you’re one for taking pictures, why not ask if you can help out with a portrait-shot? This can be a great way to get a conversation started with women who catch your interest. As a show of thanks, offer them a coffee from one of the many stalls lining the festival. Be sure to smile, as this will create the best of first impressions.

If you like your art less outdoorsy and more interactive, a perfect spot to visit is Canberra Glassworks; a dynamic, professional artist’s facility, dedicated to contemporary glass art, craft and design. The glassworks are in an old power station, which is a historic building. Not only are there hundreds of amazing pieces on display, but many new pieces are created in front of an audience! You’ll likely be travelling in small groups as you tour Glassworks, so this is the perfect time to make some new connections. Ask others about their favourite work, or, if you’re an artist yourself, show off your skill in front of the smelter.

If history is more your thing, Canberra’s glorious art-deco war memorial – the Australian War Memorial, is a highlight in a city filled with interesting architecture and places. Built to commemorate 'the war to end all wars', it opened its doors in 1941 when the second world war was already raging. Attached to the main building is a large, exceptionally well designed museum dedicated to the nation's military history. If the exhibits themselves don’t move you, then the Last Post ceremony, held every day at 16:55 in honour of all those who gave their lives for their country, certainly will. “It’s amazing, isn’t it?” That sentence alone will more than likely receive a positive response; and serves as the perfect opening to more engaging conversation.

Lovers of coffee and books should definitely visit Muse. This bibliophile restaurant effortlessly juggles its differing aspects, books and great food, on the corner of the East Hotel. You should start with a drink from their Australian-only wine and beer list (but don’t linger too long, ay?). After, move on to Muse’s ‘prologues’ (a niche terminology for Muse’s entrees) which includes seasonal delights such as kingfish sashimi or prawn. Larger 'chapter' dishes include a generous plate of spanner crab with garlic chips. On a split lower level, carrying over the main theme of the restaurant, Muse’s well-curated bookshop showcases the literary world’s newest releases, as well as second-hand Australian classics. Besides that, Muse hosts a variety of events, including literary lunches and regular talks with the country’s biggest authors. You’d be hard pressed to find any other gathering like this; as the majority of patrons are lovers of literature! Attend one of these writing talks, introduce yourself to a group of other writers or readers, and after, ask that one woman you’ve had your eye on out for coffee. Considering you’re already in a restaurant, you don’t even have to walk too far!

On the other end of the spectrum, for those less into quiet conversation and more into the loud and boisterous, Canberra’s night-scene is a must-visit! Das Kapital, located on 16 Iluka Street, is all about classic cocktails, wine, and a number of readily consumable beers on tap. The bar food has quite a reputation as well; with the chicken sandwiches being a favourite. There is a pool-table nestled in the corner of the room; so, if you happen to spot a woman you think you’ll find a liking to, why not challenge them to a friendly match?

Another option for those attracted to the night-life scene, is the critically acclaimed Casey Jones gastropub.Nestling unassumingly into a corner of the small Casey Shopping Complex, it belies the surrounding area and is a total surprise find! Easy on the eyes, with a great range of beers and ciders on stock, this is definitely the place to be if you’re one for a good night out. Make sure to be outgoing. Don't be a hermit in the corner of the room. Get up out of your seat and work the crowd.

Casey Jones is a large space, but is divided into different areas so it feels quite cozy. The interior is a mosaic of brick, polished concrete and recycled timber, along with big windows, with a relaxed and good feel. The music is not subtle, which is in keeping with the casual and busy atmosphere. The menu has been described as Southern American and Spanish fusion food. It features sliders with charcoal brioche, among others, and the drinks include craft beer, cocktails and other, more experimental things such as a maple bacon Old Fashioned. Why not ask one of the woman if you can buy them one of these unique cocktails?

A city that is simply electric with activity, Canberra is the ideal spot for anyone looking for romance and adventure. The most important thing to keep in mind, though, is that you need to consciously put yourself out there. When you meet your special someone, the effort will have been worth it.