How to Meet Gay Men in Toronto, Canada


Toronto is the largest city in Canada and widely cosmopolitan in cultural, ethnic, economic and sexual identities. As such Toronto has a healthy LGBT population and thus is one of the best places in North American if you are looking for same-sex dating partner. Here are a few tips on meeting gay men in Toronto and have an exciting social life.

Check out the neighborhoods

Even though Toronto is one of those North American cities where gays are well-integrated into the everyday life of the city, still if you are keen on meeting gay men, a good idea would be to explore the most famous gay neighborhoods in Toronto - of these there are two, the Gay Village as well as the West Village. The former is actually known as Church and Wellesley and is roughly bounded by Gerrard Street to the south, Yonge Street to the west, Charles Street to the north and Jarvis Street to the east. The heart of this gay neighborhood is core commercial strip located along Church Street from Wellesley south to Alexander. One of the most significant points in the area is the ‘519’ , a popular reference to  the 519 Church Street Community Centre which is the one of the most important meeting places for numerous social and political groups in the locality and has come to be known as a LGBT-friendly space. Apart from the 519, the Church is home to the community centre, parks, bars, restaurants, and stores catering to the LGBT community.

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Another important area where you have ample chances of running into gay men is the Queer West Village. This neighborhood set along West Queen Street in the city's West End is known primarily as a trendy arts district but has a pronounced LGBT presence, especially near the intersection with Gladstone Avenue. while the Church area in Toronto is largely a traditional strip of gay clubs and shops, the West Village has a decided arty feel to it where you are never more than a few steps away from an edgy gallery, minimalist design shop, fair-trade coffeehouse or hip lounge.  Thus if you are interested in meeting gays with an artistic or creative flair, this is the best to look.

In all these ways - whether checking out the shops and cafes in the West Village or lending your support to the gay cause on Church Street - frequenting these gay neighborhoods of Toronto will offer you several opportunities to meet men who are interested in same sex love as you. Likewise many LGBT people also live in the nearby residential neighborhoods of The Annex, Cabbagetown, St. James Town, St. Lawrence, Riverdale and the Garden District where you can browse through parks and coffee-shops in the hope of meeting a potential partner.

Frequent the gay bars

Gone are the days when those seeking gay partners would have to frequent seedy bars and underground hangouts located in furtive corners. Today there is wide range of bars catering specifically to same-sex lovers and those interested in meeting partners from the gay community. Usually every big city has a gay village where you can meet other singles in the bars and cafes. In Toronto, you can make a round of the bars in the Church and Wellesley neighborhood like Woody's, The Barn/Stables, Zippers, Byzantium, Slacks, Crews & Tangos, Fuzion, O'Grady's, Statler's, Black Eagle, Voglie, George's Play, Boutique and Flash. In the West Village, the Gladstone Hotel, with its 37 one-of-a-kind artist-designed guest rooms, is one of the most coveted lodging destinations for gays while the on-site Gladstone Cafe and Melody Bar have a decidedly queer following. Nearby, The Beaver is another bar and restaurant where you are likely to meet plenty of gay singles. The Drake Hotel is well known in the gay community for offering some of the greatest menus as well as Toronto's most gorgeous homosexuals.

Gay singles clubs

Yet another popular haunt for those interested in same-sex love is singles clubs for gays. As compared to gay bars, these places are likely to have rather steep membership fees or at least restricted entry rules. In Toronto, some of these destinations are the Bovine Sex Club, the Byzantine Supper Club and pubs like the Churchmouse & Firkin while Fly is the city’s busiest and biggest gay nightclub. The primary purpose of singles clubs to provide social networking opportunities to gays so that they can choose suitable partners in ease and privacy. More such clubs are quite likely to host regular open nights or happy hours when the entry rules and costs are relaxed a bit. So keep your eyes and ears tuned for these special nights when you can mix and mingle with the other gays in the city.

Get bold

Toronto’s acceptance of alternate sexuality is evident in the fact that certain beaches are popular with gays. Hanlan’s Point Beach in the scenic Toronto Island is one of these where you can run into gay singles and even pick up partners for an exciting fling. Located on the shore of Lake Ontario, Hanlan’s Point Beach boasts a clothing-optional section in addition to a stretch of beach where bathing suits are required. While the surf is minimal, the beach itself is soft, clean, and well-kept. And even if you may not have luck with a partner, you will find it a pleasant place to while away the afternoon just by yourself.

Attend gay events

Every major city nowadays has its own pride event when members of the LGBT community get together to celebrate who they are amidst a shower of music, partying, festivities and the final spectacular parade. Such events are a good time to meet suitable partners, especially if you are keen to meet someone who shares your interests like music, graffiti art or ethnic cuisine. In Toronto, the annual Pride Week celebrations are the largest event of its kind in Canada with over 90 floats and an enthusiastic crowd that numbers in the hundreds of thousands. The Pride Parade is always on the last weekend in June and the usual route runs southward along Yonge Street Gerrard Street and Bloor Street. Another important event in Toronto’s gay calendar is the Queer Arts and Culture Festival where you are equally likely to meet singles interested in same-sex love.