Vancouver Dating - Meeting Single Men and Women in Vancouver


Vancouver is the third largest city of Canada and its metropolitan area is the largest in the country. Its bustling economy, vibrant cultural scene and diverse ethnic mix makes Vancouver one of the most livable cities in the world. Little wonder then single men and women of this city have loads of opportunities to meet and date each other.

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Figures from the 2006 Census carried out by Statistics Canada pegs Vancouver’s population at 578,041 and that of its Census Metropolitan Area at more than two million, the third highest in the country.  A significant feature of Vancouver’s demographic distribution is the large percentage, almost 50%, of people who do not speak English as their mother tongue.  While descendents of European settlers remain the largest ethnic group in Vancouver, people of Chinese origin make up the largest visible minority ethnic group. Other minority ethnic groups are Indo-Canadians especially Punjabis, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Cambodian, Japanese and Russian. Vancouver also has a small percentage, less than 2%, of Native American people who are mostly descendants of the Métis.

The demographic mix of Vancouver’s population makes it clear that the city is home to many ethnic and racial groups. This is perhaps why inter-racial dating and marriages are more common in this city as compared to other two big cities of Canada, Toronto and Montreal. In fact there is less residential segregation too even though the multi-ethnic character of the city has given rise to specific neighborhoods like Punjabi Market, Little Italy, Chinatown, Greektown and Commercial Drive. The trend of dating between men and women of different ethnic or racial groups is one of the most significant features of Vancouver dating.

Vancouver’s thriving cultural scene also makes it an ideal place for single men and women to find dating partners, especially among those who are artistically-inclined. There are film festivals, theater shows, dance performances and literary festivals going on practically throughout the year. Music concerts range from classical, jazz to folk and popular. Most of the shows are held in venues like GM Place, Queen Elizabeth Theater, BC Place Stadium and the Pacific Coliseum. In fact the Vancouver Jazz Festival as well as the Theater Under the Stars rank among the top ten events in Vancouver’s cultural calendar.

Yet another popular dating venue for singles are in Vancouver are the numerous light and fireworks shows that the city is famous for. The Carol Ship Parade of Lights in Coal Harbor, Bright Nights in Stanley Park and the HSBC Parade of Light on English Bay are some of the most fantastic events that draw many dating couples with aura of fun and romantic fantasy. Other than these there are annual events like the Pacific National Exhibition and the Christmas celebrations at Grouse Peak which also make for a great day spent outdoors.

Like any other big city, pubs and bars in Vancouver are a popular venue for singles to meet each other. The great advantage in checking out these places is that they are frequented by people who are in a social mood and do not mind entering into conversation with complete strangers. There are some bars which are frequented by clients of particular age or professional groups too. All these make it easier for singles to meet and choose potential dates from such hang-outs.

Nightclubs are yet another favorite venue with singles in Vancouver looking for partners. As compared to bars and lounges,nightclubs and discotheques are more preferred by the younger singles since here the music is louder, there is some dancing involved and the crowd is wilder. However the advantage of meeting people at nightclubs is that some degree of physical contact is implied and women are more tolerant of casual intimacy. Even though Vancouver has traditionally had restrictions on late hours in nightclubs and bars, since 2003 authorities have eased some of these regulations in an effort to project a younger, hipper image of the city. Most of the entertainment venues in Vancouver are located in the Downtown area, particularly on and around Granville Street.

Vancouver is also well known for its café culture and the many coffee joints f the city are ideal places for singles eager to meet each other. One of the plus points of this kind of venue is that people in a café are more stationary unlike in parades or shopping malls where they are on the move. Also they are more relaxed in their attitude and seem open to new experiences as opposed to being distracted an on a high in bars or nightclubs. Some of the most popular café haunts in Vancouver are Yaletown, West End, Robson as well as Commercial Drive.

For the gastronomically-inclined singles, few venues are as delectable as food and wine festivals. Here people come to wineand dine and are in the mood for some interesting company too. Two of the most eagerly anticipated events in Vancouver’s lifestyle calendar are Tourism Vancouver’s Dine Out as well as Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival. Both are fabulous tasting events where a shared love for good food and wine can whip up the most amazing of relationships.

Vancouver has several special meeting options for its straight-sex couples too. The city in fact has one of the largest gay populations in Canada and was the second jurisdiction after Ontario to make same-sex marriages legal. Davie Village or the downtown area around Davie Street is the heart of Vancouver’s gay community where the city’s same sex couples have numerous dating venues. Much more spectacular is the Vancouver Gay Pride Parade in the West End which is a colorful and often boisterous affirmation of same sex love and attracts visitors from across the world.

Vancouver is an important educational center of Canada and is home to several colleges and universities. With a large concentration of students, there are huge number of young singles eager to meet each other. Moreover on the campus, people keep returning day after day which makes it easy to choose and know a potential date over a longer period of time.

One of the most socially and culturally dynamic cities in Canada, Vancouver offers its singles plenty of opportunities to meet and date each other. So get out the city’s events calendar, check out the hippest cafes and pubs in town and get going!