5 signs he's faking his affections to get into your pants


There are all sorts of reasons why singles throng the dating scene. Some may be merely looking for a companion to pursue shared interests while others may be in search for a life partner. Again for some dating may be a merely roundabout way of getting sex. If the last does not figure among your relationship priorities, here are five signs to watch out for that will tell you a guy is faking his affections, simply to get you in bed.

He uses cheesy pick up lines

A guy who is merely interested in sex is not likely to agonize over the right way to introduce himself to you. He will repeat the well worn-out lines from some tacky website or magazine and just about manage to sit through the routine of a dinner-and-movie until he knows he can get you in bed. If you are looking for a guy who in turn is looking for more than a sexual partner, find someone who takes pains to open a conversation and keep it going even when you make it clear that you turn in early tonight.

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He is moving too fast

In the initial stages of dating, two people usually proceed slowly till they find a definite connection exists. On the other hand if a guy is overly attentive to your right from the beginning, what he has in mind may not be the same thing as you do. If all he is interested in is getting you in bed, he will woo you in fast forward mode - he will be extremely attentive will call, text and e-mail you constantly. It is as though they want to be with you every moment. This may be the mark of a passionate lover but you should know something is amiss when your gut feeling tells you that you are moving too fast. signs of these may be that you are you are spending less time with your family and friends, skipping work or classes or departing significantly from your usual routine. While some amount of change is natural when you fall in love, if your guy is pressuring you to move too fast too soon, chances are he is merely looking to get into your pants. Another sign that he is moving too fast is when he invites you over on the first/second date. It is accepted wisdom to meet your date at a neutral place until you have established a level of trust and comfort with him/her. So stand warned if right on the first or second date, your guy asks you over for a nightcap. Alternatively he might not be comfortable about letting you into his own pad and may try really hard to invite himself over to your place. Either way, if he seems insistent on being with you alone late into the night, it is most likely that he is simply looking to seduce you.

He is fibbing

Very often fake affection will be exposed in the number of lies a person tells. For a man who is driven merely by lust, it is almost impossible to speak the truth when expressing his affections since he must fib about his purported charms, conquests and achievements. Look out for lies and gaps in the stories that your partner recounts. If you ask questions or appear to crosscheck facts, the answers will be vague or your partner may quickly change the topic. When pushed to the wall, he may accuse you of being untrusting, appear tearful or even get angry. What they will not do is provide a logical, succinct explanation for the gaps in their stories. If you find your guy tripping more and more on his own stories, it is likely that he is merely faking love to get you in bed.

You don’t have any common interests

Once you have gone out for a dinner and a dance with this guy, he will probably run out of ideas on what next to do – unless you can join him in a sexual romp. Only a man who attracted to you as a person would try and come up with creative date ideas that include fun, shared activities and the outdoors and not merely look for shack on the beach where he can lock himself in with you.  One of the surest signs that a relationship is bound to go no further than sex is when chemistry is all that binds you to your partner. If you find that you share no hobbies or interests with your guy, it is an indication that his attraction to you is virtually limited to sex. A meaningful relationship will always have common grounds like a mutual love for country music or a shared passion for travel. Even a broad spectrum of activities like outdoor pursuits or culinary interests can bind couples to one another on a deeper and more satisfying level. In fact this guy will be reluctant to spend time with you unless he knows you are going to have sex. If you come up with Sunday afternoon picnics in the park or a casual stroll through the town museum, he will usually have an excuse to be elsewhere. The only times when you are together is either when he is getting you in the mood for sex or he is having a post-coital cup of coffee with you. The absence of quality time spent together foreshadows the lack of real bonding between a couple and means that his interest in you goes no further than sex.

He is emotionally unavailable

A guy who is an expert at seducing women will have polished the art of faking affections to an art. This is a man who will use a subtler way of getting you in his bed. He will wine and dine you and even shower you with romantic gifts and getaways. The clue to finding about the real intentions of such a guy is to gauge the level of his emotional availability. Man or woman, every individual needs some kind of emotional bonding with a close partner – it is after all what separates us from animals in heat and makes us human. But if you find that you cannot get a word of support from your guy on a rough day or some sign of empathy when you are upset, it is certain that you have no use for him unless as someone to relieve his sexual itch. Another thing you can do to spot his real intentions is to sound him out in the matter of commitment. If he sees that you have definite ideas on a meaningful relationship and do not consider courtship merely as an appetizer to sex, he will surely cool off and turn to the next most willing subject.