How to Meet Women at Church?


Shared values in life make one of the strongest bonds in a relationship. And chances of this are stronger when two people belong to the same faith or at least have most spiritual values in common. So if you are a single Christian man and looking for a partner who shares your religious values, here are some ways you can meet women at Church.

Be honest with yourself

While the Church can be a useful way of bringing Christian singles together, at first you need to head to the Church for the right reasons – that is believing in Christianity. If you are not already religious, learn more about the faith before going to the Church to meet potential partners. Since most the people you meet here are likely to be practicing Christians, unless you are a firm believer in the faith, you can face problems later in your relationship with someone you met at the Church. Once you are confident of the sincerity of your own faith, you can better accept your intention to meet women at church. Since you know in your heart that you accept Christianity as your religion and believe in its teachings, you will not feel ashamed of the fact that one of the reasons to attend church is to meet other believers.

Avoid Church-hopping

Your neighborhood church is naturally the first place where you should look for an eligible single if you are interested in a relationship with someone who shares your religious values. You can be more or less assured that a woman who is a regular fixture at the Sunday services or special Mass, takes her spiritual side seriously. However avoid church hopping which involves skipping from church to church while looking for a singles group with potential partners. Such people may attend the Saturday night worship in their own church and then head out for another one or the Sunday service and perhaps the third on a weekday for Bible study. This practice is not only disrespectful of the faith and church but also is unlikely to yield concrete result while looking for the right person since it involves being in too many places at the same time. Rather stick to one church and if you are part of its singles group, try to build genuine, lasting friendships since you never know who may help in meeting the right person.

Broaden your involvement with Church

While Sunday services and the occasional Mass are all very well, if you are serious about meeting single women in your Church, you will have to expand the context of your church life. Look for church groups and opportunities for social interaction to meet more of the church family. These may vary from Bible study groups and Christian art classes to hosting Church fetes and organizing Christmas parties for kids in your community. Get involved in groups and activities that interest you. If your church has a certain ministry that you want to participate in, join that group first and worry about meeting women later. You'll meet potential partners who fit your personality better if you meet them while doing activities that matter to you.


Look for Christian ministries or related events in your Church that give back to the community. Such ministries will usually be involved with service projects under the leadership of the local Church. Attend meetings leading up to the event so as to brainstorm ideas and assign tasks. Working toward a common goal will help strengthen and encourage relationships in the ministry and you may happen to meet someone you would like to know better.

Join singles groups

However in order to streamline your chances of meeting a woman at the Church, look for groups that specifically target singles. Many churches have multiple groups for singles, including young adult Sunday School classes as well as support groups for adults coping with divorce or death of a spouse.

How to approach women in Church

No matter how sincere your interest in a relationship, there is a certain decorum to be followed in a Church. Being first and foremost a place of worship, it is to be respected as such which is why if you go there for the only sake of meeting women, people will notice it and any single woman in the congregation will only end up avoiding you. So, try not to hit on women for the first time, instead, make it a habit to go there every Sunday as well as for any other activities hosted by the Church. Once the service is over, stay there late enough to be seen; during this time you can ask the priest to introduce you to important members of the congregation or ask a long time member some questions of interest regarding the Church building. While this will not immediately throw you in the company of single women, the congregation is surely going to see you as serious and interested and eventually accept you into the fold. This in turn will throw open numerous socializing opportunities ranging from Sunday brunches at a venerable member’s house to an invite for a piano concert to be held in the town hall – and like any ladies’ man knows, the larger your social circle, the higher your chances of meeting eligible singles.

Finally when you do come upon a single woman in your Church, you would like to know better, approach her respectfully; open a conversation by commenting on a common interest like membership to the same Bible study group or a love of volunteering. Eventually show that you are interested in her and that you would like to ask her out.

The church is a "low" resistance environment, meaning that when you approach a woman in the church, the last thing she would think is that you are hitting on her. A woman is more likely to be open to social interaction in a Church-based event as compared to the bar or a nightclub. In fact the Church is an especially useful venue for meeting women if you are interested in marriage or a committed relationship. This is because women who regular Church goers are likely to uphold traditional views on love and marriage as opposed to those who are merely interested in dating or casual sex. Above all, a relationship based on a shared devotion to Church and Christian values can form a great foundation for marital life and raising a family.