Czech Dating

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. It is an ancient city, well over a thousand years old, and built up along the River Vltava. This city is filled with all kinds of different people. The residents are a mix of people native to the Czech Republic, along with people who have immigrated from the Ukraine, Slovakia, Russia, and America. With so much history and ancient relics around, Prague is a wonderful city for anyone who enjoys history or likes to learn. Prague is also home to quite a lot of culture and institutions of higher learning.

For over a millennia of its existence, Prague has been one of the most important centers of religion, politics and culture in central Europe. Today as the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague is not only a political and administrative power hub but also an important cultural destination of this part of the continent. No wonder then that couples in Prague are spoilt for choice when it comes to dating ideas.

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