Dating for Book Lovers

Common interests can turn out to one of the most powerful sources of attraction between two people. It not only allows them to do something mutually enjoyable together but more importantly continues to act as a bond when the fires of passion begin to burn low and the relationship has reached a sexual plateau. Among such interests, books have always been popular for bringing couples closer and many a romance has begun with a love of the written word.

Look for book-based events

Book launches in recent years have emerged as some of the most sought-after cultural events and often draw a large section of attractive singles from various walks of society. Many times such launches include book reading sessions where the author reads out certain passages from the book to a select audience. Then again there are author signings where you cannot only have your copy scrawled by a celebrity signature but also check out other guests while sipping martinis and nibbling on appetizers. However even if you don’t care for the limelight, book launches can still offer valuable opportunities in connecting with other fans of a particular writer or aficionados of a certain literary genre.

Dating for Book Lovers

Gone are the days when book stores would be dark and musty places with space barely enough to move an umbrella. These days book stores are not only places where you can buy books but also delightful spaces where you can flip through the pages of your favorite romantic novellas or science fiction with soft music playing in the background and even a cup of steaming espresso at hand. The bigger stores in fact have several levels of reading and browsing spaces which house books separated by genre, author or time period.  Additionally the most reputed among these stores offer a whole range of lifestyle choices centered on books, reading accessories, fancy stationery, favorite CDs and DVDs and the like. All these factors have been responsible for bringing in book lovers in far greater numbers than before so that the reading spaces and coffee stations in these stores often turn out to be popular venues for checking out men and women of the opposite sex. However even if the frills do not attract you and all you want is a quiet nook to wander through the words of your favorite poet, you can still come up against a single guy or girl who also may be content to browse through Tennyson or Robert Frost but at the same time more amenable to doing it in like-minded company.

Get a library membership

Libraries have a long venerable history of being one of the most popular starting places for college romances. And even if it is actual love for the written word that draws you to a library, the dim lighting, the magical hushed atmosphere and the wealth of a thousand books on love and romance are ideal settings for book lovers to get to know each other. However since the primary purpose of libraries is not to act as a dating venue, so while you settle down with a book, make it evident that you wouldn’t mind some whispered tète-a-tète with another guest. Have a friendly half-smile playing on your lips even if you are alone and if you spot an attractive girl or guy looking for a place, make them feel welcome to plonk down by you.

Join a book club

The best part about this approach is that it not only puts you in direct contact with a number of book lovers but that unlike a library, a book club is an avowedly social platform. The whole purpose of joining a book club is to meet other members, discuss favorite authors, review new launches and if in the mood shred to pieces offerings by new writers. In fact many men and women join book clubs in order to meet new people and make new friends based on mutual interests like books. How far your book club can reach out to attractive book-loving singles and how frequent can it manage invites to celebrity book launches is of course a matter of budget and membership fees. But even if a simple book society cannot offer you the glamour of a dating club, the quiet pleasure derived from discussing Bacon or Arthur C.Clarke in like-minded company can be matched by little else and if lucky can even mark the beginning of a long term association.

Go online

The internet has emerged as the place for making worldwide connections based on common interests. The same is true for book lovers as well. You can join social cataloging sites like or which allow bibliophiles to share personal catalogs and book lists with other members. Such sites are great ways to find people who read the same books or authors that you like. again is much more than an online store and has in fact many enthusiastic reviewers who give their take on and invite discussions on new releases as well as old favorites. Then there are niche matchmaking sites which cater specifically to book lovers. Just like dating sites, you need to become a member before you enter a favorite author or book and click search for a list of potential literary mates who could be relationship material as well.

Make use of Social networking websites

Your Facebook or MySpace account can again offer useful opportunities of getting in touch with other book lovers. These social networking sites are great ways of reaching out to people who share the same interests as you do and if it is the printed word that turns you on, these will definitely help you locate people who're into reading. The best part of these web-based portals is that they have the potential of reaching out to like-minded people from across the world and thus can be relied to bring you in touch with someone compatible with whom you can explore much more than the world of books.