Dating an ENTP personality type

The ENTP personality type is often described as ‘The Inventor’ due to their ingenuity and excellence in solving problems. In their relationships too, they bring the same quickness of understanding, resourcefulness and the love of challenge which makes them hugely energetic and intelligent partners. If you are dating an ENTP, here are a few things to keep in mind for a satisfying relationship.

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Indulge their love of debate

Like all personalities of the Extroverted type, ENTPs too love being around people. In their case however, the socializing often takes the form of verbal interaction so that ENTPs are known to derive great thrill from discussing and debating about ideas, concepts and theories. Very often they get so carried away by their love of discussion that they can seem argumentative and unable to let go of a point until it has been well and truly driven home. So if you want to make sure that your ENTP partner enjoys a date with you, think of spending an evening at a debating club or at a philosophical convention where their keen minds can range through ideas and abstractions. Even a heated discussion at a bar among friends who are passionate about ideas and causes would make for an enjoyable evening for an ENTP. Above all, brush up on your reading since few things delight ENTPs as a fruitful debate or a lively discussion on topics of common interest.

Challenge them intellectually

The Thinking aspect of the ENTP personality type is also reflected in their keen analytical mind and their love of solving problems. Few things hold their interest as strongly as a task that needs to be solved or a project which others find it impossible to complete. So if you are stuck indoors on a rainy evening, bring out your chess board and challenge your ENTP to a game. Jigsaw puzzles, word puzzles and conundrums are especially enjoyable activities for ENTPs which satisfy their need for critical analysis as well as their love of verbal ingenuity. Interestingly, while applying themselves to a problem ENTPs are unlikely to do the same thing in the same way the second time round. They like to come up with new and interesting ways of solving problems and will often ignore norms and precedents. Also in their problem-solving, they are much more likely to depend on their ingenuity and spontaneous inspiration rather than a good deal of planning and preparation. Among other activities which are equally likely to engage ENTPs are competitive sports, computer games, adventure travel and cultural events.

Don’t be too critical

ENTPs are not only curious and clever but their Intuitive nature drives them to try and understand the people, systems and beliefs that surround them. The best part of their desire to engage with people and circumstances around them is that they do it without evaluating others on a moral scale. The Perceiving aspect of their personality type makes ENTPs open-minded and easy-going so that they try to understand others –their motivations, behaviors and feelings – without applying judgment. The thing to remember is that in a relationship, they expect the same from their partners. If you are overly critical or find too many faults with your ENTP lover, it is possible that they will drift away from this relationship to one which is more pleasant and accommodating. They dislike conflict and stress in a relationship and thrive best where there is harmony and greater positivity.

Be patient

The keen and analytical mind of ENTPs makes them take great satisfaction in examining every detail of their lives including their intimate relationships. More often than not they are deeply interested in questions like: How can the relationship be improved? Where is the relationship headed? Am I growing in the relationship?  To partners who are protective of their privacy and are of the introverted type, such constant attention to the dynamics of a relationship may seem a bit obsessive and overwhelming. But on the brighter side, this tendency of ENTPs reveals their emotional investment and enthusiasm in a romantic relationship which makes them open to new ideas and projects for themselves and their mates so that they are led to their goal of growth and self-discovery in a relationship.

Yet another potential problem area for ENTPs in romantic relationships is that they tend to lose focus rather quickly. Because of their curious and energetic natures, ENTPs quickly get involved with several projects but then are unable to follow through with all their schemes. This tendency to leave commitments mid-way can sometimes be frustrating to partners. So if you are dating an ENTP, you may be familiar with a situation where they have promised to accompany you to an art exhibition while also volunteering to help at the community library and again promising to repair the dishwasher at their parents – all on the same day. Their impractical nature often leads them to take impulsive decisions where finances are concerned and even go for unnecessary risks, creating a stressful situation in committed relationships like marriages. Thus partners of ENTPs not only need to have patience with their impulsive and multiple involvements, they also need to gently push them to a more practical way of arranging their commitments.

Great intimacy

Sexually ENFPs make one of the most ingenious and caring lovers. Their emotional investment in the relationship and their constant search to improve things between you two will make them look for new ways to please you in bed. Other than that their warm and generous natures also bring a great deal of affection and nurturing in an intimate relationship. Overall ENFPs are ideal for a healthy, mutually supportive relationship where growth and improvement are highly valued.