Dating an ESTP personality type

Men and women of the ESTP personality make some of the most delightful of partners. adventurous, flexible and spontaneous, they are firm believers in the importance of living here and now and prefer to enjoy the best things in life. So if you are interested in an ESTP, here are few tips on how to date them or have a relationship with them.

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Focus on the present

ESTPs are fun-loving people who like to make the most of the present. They are not really interested in what will happen in the future and whether after three months you both will continue to feel about each other the way you do now. So instead of pestering your ESTP partner with queries on where your relationship is headed, try to enjoy every moment that you have with him/her in the present. This tendency to focus on the presnent makes ESTPs more partial towards current rather than long-term relationships. though this does not necessarily imply that people of this personality type cannot have committed partnerships, what is beyond a doubt that they don’t believe in dwelling too much into the future and would much rather make the most of the present.

Indulge their love of action

Men and women of the ESTP personality type find the greatest delight in activities which bring immediate result. Theories and abstract ideas which thrill the INTP type, bore them and they would much rather be found engrossed in action rather than thinking about the right way to do it. For this reason, an ideal date for an ESTP partner would be a salsa class for couples or some adventurous sport like sky-diving or windsurfing. This love for action is reflected in the way ESTPs bring a lot of fun and energy into a relationship. like everything else, they tend to approach love and dating in a larger-than-life way and The men in particular are known for sweeping their partners off their feet, , especially in the early stages of a relationship. So when dating an ESTP, try not to get to analytical and theoretical about what each detail in your relationship means and whether it should be so. Rather enjoy and share your ESTP lover’s enthusiasm and energy. The flip side of this love for action is a tendency to shy away from expressing one’s emotions. So you may your ESTP partner unlikely to offer words of support or gratitude or affirmation on a regular basis or at times when you are feeling low. This is not so much because they are cold and indiffentet but because they would much rather reveal their emotions in terms of actions like a big hug at the start of the day or offering to take you dancing to your favorite nightclub.

Share their sociable lifestyle

The presence of Extroversion in the ESTP personality means that men and women of this type are comfortable with being in the midst of people. they typically have a large and vibrant social circle and are greatly fond of going out with friends and associates. In order to enjoy a relationship with an ESTP, you need to understand their tendency to be friends with a whole range of people, which may even include their exes as well as a more than few members of the opposite sex. In fact it is possible that it was their gregarious nature that drew you to an ESTP in the first place. So instead of fuming and fretting about all the attractive people in your ESTP’s life, accept that being social and friendly is a part of their personality and that they wouldn’t be the person they are had it been otherwise.

Keep them interested

ESTPs are well-known for being fun-loving, enthusiastic and generous lovers. However the other side of their energetic natures is that they tend to get bored quickly and once they begin to feel that a relationship has nothing more to offer to them, they are more likely to direct their attention elsewhere. So if you want your ESTP partner for keeps, make sure you have something new and interesting to attract them with, every now and then. Encourage them to learn a new and exciting hobby like Lebanese cuisine or learning the tango with you. invite them to accompany you to wine-tasting events or become members of a travel club so that you both can take off ever so often. You can also Cater to your partner’s craving for newness and action by incorporating changes in your personal style like a new hairdo or engaging in intellectual pursuits like taking a language class.

Indulge them as much as you can

The Sensing aspect of the ENTP personality makes these men and women keenly aware of their surroundings. Their interest in sensory details often translates into their love for style and material comforts. So when taking your ESTP partner on that all-important date, make sure that you have reservations to the fanciest restaurant in town. Don’t forget to spruce up your appearance and for good measure dress yourself in a stylish evening gown or a smart-looking suit. Most important of all, show up with some material evidence of your love for your ESTP partner; ideal gifts for these partners could be a stylish scarf or stole, an expensive perfume to a small item of real jewellery.

Relish in intimacy

Usually ESTPs make great lovers since they approach intimacy in a fun and tangible way, without analyzing or obsessing over it too much. Unlike men and women of the Introversion type who can take some time in allowing partners to come close to them, ESTPs easily make way for intimacy and physical love. Since they are keenly aware of their senses, ESTPs can prove to be very sensual and earthy lovers. More importantly however, they are likely to view intimacy from a lighter, physical perspective rather than as an opportunity for expressing affirmation or a deeper commitment in relationship. this may be slightly disconcerting for people who are of the Introversion and Feeling type and lay great store by  the meanings of certain actions. Thus when in a relationship with an ESTP, it would be good to remember that they live in the present moment where their actions may or may not have significance for the future.